Things to Do in New Orleans

Things to Do in New Orleans

I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary in New Orleans, Louisiana with my husband at the beautiful Ritz Carlton New Orleans. This was my first time in The Big Easy and I was immersed into a new world. I have traveled all over the world but I have never been any where like New Orleans. The people are friendly and humble, proud of what they do, have overcome, and produce. The music is festive and jazzy, found across the city on streets, in bars, hotel lobbies, and restaurants. The food is amazingly decadent and elegant. It felt like old world Paris or a throw back to the speakeasy times when cocktails were classic.


Places to Go

There is so much to do in New Orleans! The New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau is super helpful throughout the planning process and final visit! Make sure you follow them on Twitter (@NewOrleansCVB), ‘like’ them on Facebook (New Orleans.) I had many questions and they always responded very quickly with recommendations!

Some of the places we visited:

Eating in New Orleans

Check out this 30 second clip of pictures of our visits to:

  • Commander’s Palace
  • Lilette
  • Stella
  • Cure
  • Borgne
  • Mr. B’s

My foodie friends and family who already adored New Orleans also recommended the following places we’ve added to our list for next time:

  • Bayona
  • NOLA
  • Upperline
  • Clancy’s
  • Irene’s Cuisine
  • Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse
  • Napoleon House
  • Mother’s
  • Elizabeth’s
  • Coops Place
  • Mandina’s
  • Stanley
  • Restaurant August
  • Luke
  • Domenica
  • Galatoire
  • Cochon and Cochon Butcher
  • Sylvain
  • Morning Call Coffee Stand
  • Café Beignet


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