One Day, One Deal

What is woot?  Besides my favorite thing to check at midnight, is a great place to find gifts for everyone.  Like a chipmunk I stock up for the winter (last year got my sister and dad Garmin GPS for $67 bucks…)

Normally there is one product listed on the website until they sell out for the day…unless it’s a woot -off and as soon as a product sells out another is listed – this goes on for 2 days…)

Woot Terminology:

  • Bag of Crap – random assortment of goodies (a.k.a. “Random Crap”) including anything from the dollar store to a big screen tv. Consistently people have gotten MP3 players (sometimes even 2 in the same bag…) Always bid on this!
  • 2-for-Tuesday – since 2006, 2-pack items are offered every Tuesday.

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Great Discussion Boards – every item has a discussion post.  Follow the comments, get feedback, see

how much items are going for on other websites.  Something a lot of people don’t realize or take the

time to do is check back after you’ve received your package.  People will update comments with

informative reviews.  Also a good way to find out what people got in their bags of crap.

Browser Alerts – during woot offs you want to know when an item sells out to check back.  With almost

100k downloads, this Firefox add-on not only alerts you when items change but it also lets you know the

percentage of items left before it sells out.

Search “WootWatch” in iTunes to download the iPhone edition…easily follow woot-offs…

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