Geekette’s 8 Top Unknown Websites

If you know these websites or if you know of ones I couldn’t fit into the top 9, comment back!  All of these websites are ones I use on a regular basis – and I feel like I’m in the minority!  Geekette Bits wants to let you know some great sites that you might not have bookmarked:

1. Wayback Machine – is essentially a digital archive of the internet.  Hit a page that isn’t working or doesn’t exist anymore?  Type that address in the search bar and the Wayback Machine allows you to see versions of the same address at different points in time?  Not only is it interesting to see a timeline of different versions of the same website, it’s incredibly helpful when you’re looking for a file that’s not longer available.

For example check in 2000, 2004, and 2008!  Even more different – in 98, 01, and 07.

2. Social Vibe – logon to the website, pick your favorite cause (i.e. World Wildlife Federation), and then pick your favorite brand (i.e. Hello Kitty.)  Social Vibe will generate a badge to stick on Facebook, Myspace, blogs, etc. and every time someone sees your badge on the social network page your cause gets money from the brand that paid for advertisements!

3. Criminal Searches – have you wondered who’s really teaching your children or repairing your front door?  While I’m normally not a pessimistic person, I am a thorough cyber-stalker when it comes to the safety of my child.  This website draws information from public records for a quick, accurate search.

You can also view “Neighborhood Watch“, “Sex Offender Finder“, “Criminal Statistics“, or sign up for alerts about particular people.

4. Pageonce – “you can simultaneously access, view, and manage the information from your personal accounts in these popular categories – finance, shopping, utilities, and travel” boasts Pageonce’s website.  Not only is it an incredibly helpful website to use on your computer at home, the mobile views are concise, allowing easy views of all your information at once from your iPhone or Blackberry.

5. Glassdoor – have you ever been curious how much you would’ve made if you’d taken the other job?  Everything that HR won’t tell you, Glassdoor offers anonymous insight to other companies, once you give the same.

As soon as you post your salary you get access to the 23,000 companies currently listed onsite.

6. BillShrink – overspending on mobile and  credit card bills or gas prices?  Take the time to answer a couple questions about your current spending habits and BillShrink will tell you the best money-saving opportunities.  Not only does it save you money, it will save you the time spent trying to manually compare different packages and combinations.  If a better offer comes along, it’ll alert you!

7. Something Store – I came across this website a while ago and think it’s so much fun!  You order something (or a couple somethings) that are randomly selected by Something Store.  Curious about past somethings?  I threw a somethings dinner party where we all opened our somethings together and laughed at the randomness…

8. Scrapblog – this is an incredible site I mentioned briefly in a recent quick bit.  Not only does this site allow you to scrapbook online it offers multiple ways to share it (post them on websites, add the Facebook app, or print as a personalized gift.)

You can easily add pictures, start with templates or create your own unique designs.

3 thoughts on “Geekette’s 8 Top Unknown Websites

  1. Thanks for the list. I think the Wayback machine will be cool. I downloaded a program from Shockwave years ago to play my pictures on. That would be cool if I could go back and redownload it. I don’t know. It may not work like that, but I will give it a try.

  2. I was a little confused about the Something store, you purchase an unknown gift meaning you have no idea what it is? I guess if money isn’t an object it would then sound fun and I too would like to do a dinner party sounds like a good time

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