Star Wars Birthday Party

I am so proud of the Star Wars Birthday Party I just finished throwing. I’m exhausted, and for a brief moment I considered putting this post off and writing it eventually (or getting to it two years later…) but today is May 4th and there’s literally no better day to write a blog post about Star Wars birthday parties than today.

Eventually I will go back and make individual how-to posts on how I did everything inspired by Star Wars and Pinterest…and I’ll make the cute photo collages of the party for easy consumption but after a marathon of crafting craziness, here’s some pictures from my daughter’s 11th year old “May the Fourth be with You” party. (I will also soon write the blog post about San Antonio Laser Tag and their amazing laser tag guns that we rented for the party.)

Star Wars Birthday Party Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from the party.  I will go into detail about them in future posts but here’s the quick and dirty.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Made with a linoleum cutter from Michael craft store like the poker pumpkin I made here.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Bubble wands from the dollar store with strategically placed duct tape.

Star Wars Birthday Party

80% off Star Wars goodie bag items from Target, Michaels, and the Dollar Store.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Fresh veggies from the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market.

Star Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday Party

Snowflake designs cut out and put on paper pinwheels.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Trader Joe’s white and chocolate cake mixes with homemade buttercream frosting (coconut oil substituted for Crisco…)

Star Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday Party

White bags from the dollar store with a storm trooper printed out.

Star Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday Party

Clearance fabric from Michaels, $2.

Star Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday PartyStar Wars Birthday Party

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9 thoughts on “Star Wars Birthday Party”

  1. Wow! This all looks so cool (*and* budget friendly!). Can’t wait to read more about how you created this awesome party, Heather. I bet she loved it! Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

    1. Thank you Colleen! You know me and the budget friendliness! Would be the biggest penny pinching millionaire if I had the chance. Jaden had a great day!

    1. Thanks Patti! I was really happy with how they turned out! Although I used coconut oil for the first time and it looked and tasted great…but when I was piping it onto the cupcakes I’d have to do it really fast because the heat from my hand melted the icing in the bag!

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