Join Women in Tech Facebook Room

Download Facebook’s Rooms

Download the new Facebook app called, “Rooms” from the Apple AppStore.

Rooms is an app that lets you create places for whatever you’re into. Pick a topic, create a room and customize its look and feel. Share invites anywhere online or off. You can use whatever nickname you want in each room you’re in.

Help guide here.

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To enter a room, you’ll need an invite. You can find invites in the Recommended Rooms room, which shows up on your home screen automatically after you download and open Rooms. You can also search the web, explore social networks or ask friends. People share invites the same way they share photos (ex: on social media, in text messages or emails, printed out on paper). Once you have an invite, you can enter a room.

There are two ways to enter a room:

  • Take a screenshot of the room invite on your phone and open the Rooms app. The room will be automatically added to your home screen.
  • Open the Rooms app and tap Use Invite at the bottom-right corner of the home screen. Take a photo of an invite or chose one from your Camera Roll.

Join Women in Tech Facebook Room

Now that  you have downloaded Facebook Room’s join the room I created for “Women in Tech”!  It’s for anyone interested in tech, supporting women in tech, and getting kids interested in STEM.

Join Women in Tech Facebook Room
Join Women in Tech Facebook Room

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