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As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches (next Thursday, February 14 y’all!!), I thought it would be cool to put together a blog post around sweet ways to say “I <3 You” to the geek in your life. As someone who grew up taking apart VCRs and majoring in Computer Science in College, I feel well equipped to write this post! I also have a tendency to hoard old computer parts from mice, keyboards, RAM, and cables. What are you ever going to do with it all? Well, I have scoured the web so you don’t have to and here’s some creative options.


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1. “his” and “her” rings


Thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day? What says love nerdier than this?!

geek telephone rings

My friend had these “his” and “her” rings made for the wedding and I just could not get enough of them!


2. Circuit Sheet Wallet


Everyone your loved one reaches for their wallet they’ll think fondly of you!

keyboard circuit sheet wallet

Thanks with credit to Ryan McFarland for this awesome idea!

3. Keys to Their Heart

Visit your local thrift store (like your local Goodwill’s computer section) and pick up a couple keyboards at a fraction of the cost! Gently take them apart (since you already did for the previous craft) and use the keys to make all kinds of unique, signature tokens of your love! There are ridiculous numbers of things you can do with these old keyboard keys, here are just a few:

  • Ornaments for your first Christmas tree together (of for their rear view mirror, desk lamp at work, etc.)


keyboard keys christmas ornament and keychain

  • Key Rings (make a statement with words that wow them)


keyboard key rings

  • Pen Holder 1 from a laptop keyboard (that is still all together – versus having to adhere individual keys)


keyboard keys pencil holder

  • Someone on Pinterest (who’s link no longer works) used the keys to make tacks for their cork board


keyboard key tacks


keyboard key picture frame


keyboard key bobby pings


How cute would it to be to have “<3” (the universal symbol for “love” in geek-speak…) hanging around your neck or on a key chain?


keyboard keys necklace


4. DYI Keyboard Renovations


Using washi tape (link takes you to an additional 55 ways to use this awesome tape), you can overlay the tape onto your original keyboard like the pinner on pinterest did below!

washi tape keyboard decorations

5. Key Wine Charms


    Looking for the perfect gift for a co-worker or geek friend? This takes the cake. Literally O-M-G! You’d never have to worry about people mixing up their glasses again!


keyboard keys wine charms

6. Nerdy Jewelry


I found a ton of ideas on this site including this nuggets (if I had pierced ears I’d be all over this!):

keyboard key earrings

keyboard key earrings

keyboard key earrings


7. Keyboard Hanger


Forget just using the keys, take the whole board and create a key holder to always enter your house in a geeky fashion (NOTE: need not use Microsoft keyboard…)

keyboard hangar mount


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