Best of 2015 Lists

Best of 2015 Lists

Best of 2015 Lists

A lot of people have been creating their end of the year “Best of 2015” lists and I wanted to aggregate them so you could go through them quickly. I have linked to the stories linked or listed below and tried to embed a couple of videos for easy viewing on my site.

This includes the Best of 2015 lists from across different media outlets:

  1. New York Times Magazine pictures and Recipes
  2. Harvard Business Review articles
  3. Economist
  4. Google Search Trends and Top 10 lists
  5. YouTube’s Annual Videos in Review
  6. NPR’s Top 30 Stories
  7. Lifehacker’s Top 10 Top 10 lists
  8. Gawker
  9. Gizmodo
  10. Slate
  11. TED Talks

Best of 2015 Lists

The New York Times Magazine’s Best Photos of 2015

List here:

Here at the magazine, we have the good fortune to produce and publish a wide range of photographs: From images of the refugee crisis to mischievous interpretations of “lost” recipes, it’s always something new.

This year, to pick our favorites, we spread out tearsheets of our most memorable photos on a big table, then made one lightning-quick round of cuts and selections — led by Kathy Ryan, the director of photography.

NY Times Most Popular Recipes of 2015

Click on the image or click here to review:


Your Favorite Harvard Business Review Articles of 2015

See full list here:

Here are the 20 articles you and your fellow HBR readers spent the most time reading in 2015. I’m biased, of course, but I think it’s a particularly good list this year. And as usual, it reveals a lot about what managers around the world are thinking and worrying about right now. A lot of us are feeling trapped in a work culture that’s unhealthy and unproductive. We’re working too many hours. We’re distracted. We’re sick of terrible meetings, and networking, and the annual ritual of ineffective performance reviews.


Here’s the list:

A FEW trends emerge from the list of The Economist‘s ten most-read articles of 2015. The theme of inequality remains top of mind for our readers; articles about Asian-Americans, working-class males and inherited privilege all found their way into the top four. Many articles in this list are amongst our longer offerings, suggesting that readers set aside time to read them rather than snacking on the go. And most of the pieces below are leaders, which tells us that our readers want to know not only what happened but what can be done about it. The top piece, however, is an exception to all these trends: a fascinating science report about a new breed of animal called the coywolf.

1. Greater than the sum of its parts
October 3rd | Science and technology

Over a century of interbreeding between America’s wild coyotes, wolves and dogs has created a new species: the coywolf. The genetic mix means the animal has the size and strength of a wolf and the social nature of a dog. The new breed is spreading across America at an astonishing pace—even into big cities.

2. The weaker sex
March 7th | International

Boys once spent longer and went further in school than girls, and were more likely to graduate from university. Now the balance has tilted the other way: one gender gap has closed, only for another to open up. Now it is not women who are suffering, but unskilled men.


3. America’s new aristocracy
January 24th | Leader

Privilege in America is increasingly passed from parent to child. The clever and successful are marrying each other more than ever before, an “assortative mating” process thought to have increased inequality by 25%. The best solution is to help clever kids who failed to pick posh parents—and the moment to start is in early childhood.

4. The model minority is losing its patience
October 3rd | Briefing

Asian-Americans are under-represented in top jobs despite being better educated than white Americans. This “bamboo ceiling” applies in businesses as well as Congress, where just 2.4% of lawmakers are Asian-American. Widely held perceptions of unfair treatment are pushing many into politics, and the minority is becoming more politically assertive.

5. Shape shifting
February 28th | Books and arts

“Curvology”, a book by David Bainbridge released in February, discussed why men’s and women’s bodies differ more than is necessary simply to bear children. Mr Bainbridge says it makes evolutionary sense for women to plump up as they prepare to reproduce. It is this biology—not just brainwashing by the tabloid newspapers that splash images of curvy women—that shapes humanity’s appreciation of the undulations of the female form.

6. Generation XXX
September 26th | Leader

Pornography accounts for more than a tenth of all internet searches, and its availability has sparked a moral panic. Teenagers are seeing debauched acts at a younger age; porn has become their main source of sexual education. Parents and governments wish to stem the tide of smut with porn-blockers. A better approach would be to take a long, hard look at what is out there—and start to talk about it.

7. The silent minority
February 7th | United States

America’s largest single ethnic group, German-Americans, are barely visible in public life. Companies (Pfizer, Boeing) and politicians (John Boehner, Rand Paul) play down their German roots, while private citizens have have grown rich and assimilated without political help. German-Americans are so well integrated that they barely noticed when Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, visited in February.

8. Putin’s war on the West
February 14th | Leader

In February, when eastern Ukraine was in flames, The Economist discussed how the West could best tackle Vladimir Putin’s incendiary foreign policy. Mr Putin had a grip on the Kremlin, a new toy in Crimea, a weakened neighbour in Ukraine and a divided opposition in Europe and America. The critical point was and remains Ukraine: it should be a lesson in the rewards of leaning West, not its perils.

9. Trump’s America
September 5th | Leader

Donald Trump rose to the top of the polls for the Republican nomination in the summer, despite saying things that would have torpedoed any normal campaign. His secret sauce has two spices: a genius for self-promotion and supporters who view his boorishness as a sign of authenticity. The Economist advised Republicans to listen carefully to Mr Trump, and vote for someone else.

10. Watch out
June 13th | Leader

In June, The Economist said that the fight against financial chaos and deflation was won. However, having moved on from one recession, the world is not ready for the next. Rarely have so many large economies been so ill-equipped to manage a slowdown. The best way for fragile economies to get back to normal is to allow the recovery to gather strength first.

Google Search Trends of 2015

Explore the year’s biggest moments and the questions they inspire

??A Year in Search 2015?? Google

and then view the top 10 lists broken down here.

See the Year in Search 2015 in Top 10 Lists

YouTube’s Annual Year in Review Videos

YouTube Rewind 2015. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2015. #YouTubeRewind

Watch the year’s trending videos:
See the trends as they happen on the new trending tab:

30 Most Popular Stories On NPR’s Website In 2015

NPR's audience were drawn to a wide range of topics in 2015, from music and politics to the lives of girls and the work of robots.

Nearly 20 of the most popular stories on NPR’s website in 2015 were viewed a million times or more. Many were also widely shared and discussed on Facebook and elsewhere — and now, they give us a way to look back on what at times seemed like a uniquely unpredictable year.

1. Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States
“The nature of injustice is that we may not always see it in our own times,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote after recounting the legal struggles faced by same-sex partners. – by Bill Chappell, June 26

2. Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain
There are a few populations in the world where back pain hardly exists. One woman thinks she has figured out why, and she’s sharing their secrets. Have Americans forgotten how to stand properly? – by Michaeleen Doucleff, June 8

3. What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark’s Photo?
The photographer, who died in May, has a famous portfolio of arresting images. Among them is a shot of two children in 1990. One of them thought the photo shoot would change her life. It did not. – by Chris Benderev, June 27

4. Trapped In His Body For 12 Years, A Man Breaks Free
Martin Pistorius spent more than a decade unable to move or communicate, fearing he would be alone, trapped, forever. NPR’s new show Invisibilia tells how his mind helped him create a new life.
by Lulu Miller, Jan. 9

5. Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover
Texas’ GOP governor is sending the Texas State Guard to monitor a military training exercise after right-wing militia alleged it’s just a cover for the president’s plan to put Texas under martial law. – by Wade Goodwyn, May 2

6. Boy Says He Didn’t Go To Heaven; Publisher Says It Will Pull Book
The young man at the center of The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, Alex Malarkey, said this week that the story behind the 2010 book was all made up. – by Bill Chappell, Jan. 15

7. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?
A hi-def test for your ears (and your audio equipment): Listen to these songs and see if you can tell the difference between an MP3 and an uncompressed audio file. – by Jacob Ganz and Tyler Fisher, June 2

8. Map: The Most Common* Job In Every State
The jobs picture has changed profoundly since the 1970s. This map shows how those changes played out across the country. – by Quoctrung Bui, Feb. 5

9. People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About
It’s menstrual hygiene. The topic makes many folks uncomfortable. Yet in the developing world, it’s a problem that keeps girls from going to school and playing sports. Now things are changing. – by Nurith Aizenman, June 16

10. Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?
Will your job be around in the future? We take a peek at the research. – by Quoctrung Bui, May 21

11. Vatican Details Pope’s Meeting With Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis
Responding to a flood of interest, the Vatican says the private meeting shouldn’t be seen as an endorsement of all of Davis’ views. – by Bill Chappell, Oct. 2

12. A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To 3 White Murderers
Judge Carlton Reeves sentenced three young white men in the murder of an innocent black man. But first, he had something to tell them. – Code Switch blog, Feb. 13

13. South Korea? Trump’s ‘Where Are You From’ Moment
Donald Trump interrupted an Asian-American student this week to ask if he was from South Korea. “I was born in Texas,” he responded. – by Asma Khalid, Oct. 15

14. In Spain, Entire Villages Are Up For Sale — And They’re Going Cheap
As Spaniards migrate from villages to cities for work, education and access to health care, rural hamlets are ending up on the auction block. Foreigners are in the market for these properties. – by Lauren Frayer, Aug. 23

15. Babies On Display: When A Hospital Couldn’t Save Them, A Sideshow Did
Among Coney Island’s sideshows a century ago, one was different: an exhibit of premature infants. The show funded Dr. Martin Couney’s pioneering work — and saved thousands, including Lucille Horn. – StoryCorps, July 10

16. Pain, But No Regrets: A Father Remembers His Adopted Son
Bill Jones is thought to have been the first single man to adopt a child in California, back in the 1960s. His son has since died, but despite the loss, Jones says he never regrets adopting his child. – StoryCorps, Feb. 20

17. How Much (Or Little) The Middle Class Makes, In 30 U.S. Cities
What do families in the middle of the income distribution actually make in cities around the United States? – by Quoctrung Bui, March 19

18. That Little Syrian Boy: Here’s Who He Was
A photo of a drowned Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach sparked anguish and outrage over the handling of the world’s migration crisis. – by Hannah Bloch, Sept. 3

19. Review: Mac Miller, ‘GO:OD AM’
The Pittsburgh rapper makes his major label debut and presents himself as a more balanced artist and human being. – by Timmhotep Aku, Sept. 14

20. A Girl Gets Her Period And Is Banished To The Shed: #15Girls
When a teenage girl in rural Nepal gets her period, an ancient tradition may drive her to sleep outdoors. But one 15-year-old is trying to break the taboos around menstruation. – by Michaeleen Doucleff, Oct. 17

21. Paris Attacks: What We Know On Saturday
As France copes with shocking violence, the death toll from Friday night’s attacks is not yet final, and details are beginning to emerge about the attackers. – by Christopher Dean Hopkins and Bill Chappell, Nov. 14

22. 8 Obama Jokes That Stood Out From The White House Correspondents Dinner
Every year, the president sits down for dinner with Washington reporters and delivers a stand-up routine. From his “bucket list” to Hillary Clinton, here’s what he came up with this year. – by Domenico Montanaro, April 26

23. 6 Clips Of Audio You Should Hear From The Planned Parenthood Hearing
The congressional hearing was oftentimes contentious, with the head of Planned Parenthood defending her organization and explaining that it does not receive federal money for most abortions. – by Eyder Peralta, Sept. 29

24. Rare And ‘Horrific’: Frilled Shark Startles Fishermen In Australia
The frilled shark’s roots are traced to 80 million years ago. Its prehistoric origins are obvious in its primitive body; nearly all of the rare animal’s closest relatives are long extinct. – by Bill Chappell, Jan. 21

25. NASCAR’s Kurt Busch Testifies That Ex-Girlfriend Is An Assassin
The race car driver and others told a Dover, Del., court this week that his former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, is an assassin. Driscoll did not deny the claims. – by Bill Chappell, Jan. 13

26. 5 Things You Should Know About Hillary Clinton
She started out as a Republican and hasn’t driven a car since 1996. Here’s what you may not know or just may not remember about the former secretary of state and first lady. – by Tamara Keith, April 11

27. Here’s What People Are Saying About The Waco Shootout And Race
People are contrasting media and police reaction to the Texas shootout with their reaction to the recent protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. – by Maanvi Singh, May 18

28. Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Goes From Hero To Villain In 24 Hours
Soon after it was announced that Noah will host The Daily Show, it emerged that some of his tweets mocked women and Jews — tweets that critics have called sexist and anti-Semitic. – by Krishnadev Calamur, March 31

29. Take The ACE Quiz — And Learn What It Does And Doesn’t Mean
First developed in the 1990s, the 10 questions of the Adverse Childhood Experiences test are designed to take a rough measure of a difficult childhood. Finding out your score is easy. Now what? – by Laura Starecheski, March 2

30. Review: Cast Recording, ‘Hamilton’
Don’t call Hamilton unlikely: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lauded musical about the life of the Founding Father is Broadway crafted by an artist who knows rap to be our cultural lingua franca. – by Frannie Kelley, Sept. 21

Lifehacker’s Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Top 10 Lifehacker Posts of All Time

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Lifehacker launched exactly ten years ago today (happy birthday to us)! In light of the occasion, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular posts we’ve shared with you this last decade.

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up in these modern times, whether for career prospects or to stretch your brain and create something awesome. If you’re just getting started on your coding journey, here are ten tips and resources to set you off on the right foot.

Top 10 Ways to Look Better Based on Your Body Shape and Face Shape

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Our face shapes and body shapes can help us choose the most fitting hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Here are ten tips to help you accentuate your best features.

Top 10 Gmail Labs and Features You Should Enable

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

As if Gmail wasn’t powerful enough, you can find all sorts of goodies and extra features in Gmail Labs. The list is pretty massive, so we’ve narrowed down our 10 favorite labs to help increase your email productivity.

Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Hiring managers make the difficult decision of who the best candidate is for the job based not just on the specific job requirements but also basic“soft skills” every worker should have, like communication and teamwork. Here are the top 10 additional job skills everyone needs.

Top 10 Mistakes We Make When Grocery Shopping (And How to Fix Them)

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Buying groceries is one of those universal chores most of us could probably do better at, whether it’s saving money on food or spending less time shopping. Here are ten common mistakes we tend to make at the grocery store—and how to avoid them.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Monitor, the Screen You Stare at All Day

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Many of us are stuck behind our desk and computer all day long, which makes the hardware we use quite important. Let’s give some more thought to our monitors, with these ten tips for getting the most out of those screens.

Top 10 Smart Ways to Organize and Upgrade Your Garage

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

The garage is often a neglected, messy space. With a little organization and a few handy projects, though, we can get much more use out of our garages and also modernize them. Here are our top 10 garage upgrade ideas.

Top 10 Simple Weight Loss Hacks You Can Implement Right Now

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Weight loss isn’t easy (if it were, we wouldn’t have a billion different diet plans and products to waste our money on). But even the smallest weight loss tricks or mind hacks can make a big difference when it comes to sticking to your diet or weight loss plan. Here are 10 such tricks you can easily incorporate today.

Top 10 Things You Can Do with a Slow Cooker That Don’t Involve Food

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

The slow cooker (or crock pot) is a wonderful appliance for hands-off cooking, but the gentle, slow heating process can also be used for other things unrelated to food. Such as these ten things.

Top 10 Difficult Decisions You’ll Make in Life (and How to Make Them)

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Life is full of big moments and big decisions. But fret not, from deciding where to live to finding your true calling, here’s some advice to help you along the way.

Top 10 Lazy Yet Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

It’s spring cleaning time. Even if you have the urge to clean your home from top to bottom, perhaps your natural laziness is keeping you from getting started. No worries, here are ten MacGyver-ish ways to freshen your home with minimal effort.

Top 10 Uncomfortable Situations and How to Deal with Them

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Life is full of awkward and uncomfortable moments. We can’t avoid them altogether, but we can handle them with grace. Here are ten situations we all might struggle with and how to relieve the discomfort.

Top 10 Essential Tips for Dating

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Dating is often awkward, sweet, and challenging (sometimes at the same time). But don’t worry, we’ve got more than a few tips for surviving the dating scene and improving your dating experience.

Top 10 Ways You’re Probably Using Email Wrong

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Email is the technology tool everyone relies on and yet perhaps also hates(it’s the cockroach of the internet!). Love it or hate it, we could probably all stand to improve our email skills, from managing our inboxes to sending more elegant email messages. Here are ten of the top mistakes we make with our email.

Thanks for a great 2015! And while you’re at it, don’t forget Lifehacker’s 10th anniversary celebration for even more great top 10 lists!

The 100 Most Popular Gawker Posts of 2015

The 100 Most Popular Gawker Posts of 2015

The 100 Most Popular Gizmodo Posts of 2015

The 100 Most Popular Gizmodo Posts of 2015

The 10 Most Popular Slate Stories in 2015

Check out The 10 Most Popular Slate Stories in 2015 here:

A glance at Slate’s top stories of 2015 offers a veritable Rosetta stone of our readership. History is represented here in several forms: from a mesmerizing interactive that recounted 315 years of slavery to a single momentous paragraph that launched a new era of progress. Millions clicked curiously on a piece about a deadly Chinese trend, and the many more tried our sex history calculator.


TED the Year of Ideas: 2015

Check out the aggregation of TED Videos from 2015 here:

The Most Powerful TED Talks of 2015Watch the talks we loved in 2015, and discover the year’s most powerful ideas:

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