Barbie Book Fail

Barbie Book Fail

I really push myself to be empathetic and consider multiples sides. I am frequently accused of justifying too much for people. But when I saw the headlines in my Facebook newsfeed about “Barbie’s I Can Be a Computer Engineer” book, I braced myself though for the worse and I was rewarded.

The book was first highlighted by The Daily Dot here and it is the anti-women in tech, empowering girls in STEM, or even encouraging girls to be independent. Even if Barbie couldn’t fix the computer, it would have been better if:

  • They showed her at least trying
  • Her girl friend (instead of boy friends) fixed the computer
  • She had her guy friends help her debug her actual program that she coded…not design that she was sending to a guy to code…

I majored in Computer Science and love #WomenInTech. If you want to know how you can set up girls in STEM for success check out my post about online programs for girls like Made with Code and how girls can be successful in math!

Barbie Book REMIX

And to end on a happier note…here’s the book remixed by someone who got insight from an actual computer programmer.

Full Barbie Book win! Read this to your kids tonight!

(Pictures from Buzzfeed here)


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