2015 Must Have iOS Apps

2015 Must Have iOS Apps

Over the past couple of weeks I have had hours and hours of road trip miles to download hundreds top iTunes chart apps (out of boredom) across multiple categories and these are the apps that stood out to me. Most of these are free, a couple a paid apps but well worth it (to me.) What did I miss?  I’d love to hear back from you on some stand out favorites!

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Life’s most important numbers available at a glance by Numerous, Inc

So this app was created by two people who love visualizing the data. Of course we are surrounded by numbers every day but there is so much for us to consume that it can definitely be overwhelming. After downloading this app you’re prompted to add little widgets/tiles on the customizable screen. You can create custom countdowns (I created a countdown until my daughter leaves for college — not because I want her to leave but because I don’t want to take for granted how little time I have left with her!)

Part of the beauty of Numerous is seeing numbers in context you might not normally.  Its one thing to be able to see what the temp inside your house, according to your Nest is. But put that temp next to how hot it is outside and you have additional value!

Here are the some of the tiles I have customized:

  • Counter until my daughter leaves for college
  • Number of steps taken each day
  • Temperature of my house next to the temperature of the weather outside my house
  • Distance i currently am from my house in San Antonio (so you always know how far from home you are)
  • Connect to external apps like Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Countdown until the new Star Wars Episode 7 movie

Some things to remember:

  • Landscape mode shows graphs of the numbers over time
  • Swipe left to see update privacy settings, customize labels/pictures
  • Use the “+” sign to add tiles to your screen, hold down to move to a new screen, very similar to the iPhone layout


DO Button by IFTTT by IFTTT

For those that have heard me talk about IFTTT know how much I love it!  Check out details here. Basically, “If THIS happens, DO THIS.” Fully customizable it allows you to connect hundreds of sites to hundreds of other sites. (For example, whenever I post a picture to Instagram, a tweet is also published with the actual picture, not just a link to the instagram post.)

DO Recipes run with just a tap and enable you to create your own personalized Button, Camera, and Notepad.

  • DO Button empowers you to create your own personalized button with just a tap. Save time and control the world around you with Recipes that connect your button to Philips Hue, Google Drive, Nest Thermostat, and hundreds of Channels you use every day.
  • Basically it is saving you multiple clicks by customizing a button in an app to do what you wou




I have been going CRAZY for this app. You can see it highlighted best in my Arcade Last Lunch post.  Basically the paid app allows you to create a watercolor version of your image, instantly! Make sure that you scroll through the settings. The numbers 1-10 allow you to customize how detailed the water color is. I have mostly been setting the images to 10 so that I can keep specific details of the pictures.  Some people who want to create a more impressionistic view of the image might consider a less focused view.


Health Mate Withings

Steps tracker & Life coach by Withings by Withings

I quickly have gotten tired of Apple’s Health Tracker app not providing any value.  This free app allows you to historically look at your health (on load it will pull a past weeks worth of tracking information and keep track of health from that point on) so you can scroll for weeks and weeks through data. You can see how much you walked by day or week in detail, calorie intake/outtake. You can create walking goals (10,000 is recommended by the WHO) and it will show you in context to how many steps would equate to your goal. It let’s you know what percentage of your goal was met.

It also has nice plugins for other wearable device information as you start to track your blood pressure and other applications.



for Twitter by Codigami

What I liked about this application was that not only am I able to track how I am doing on Twitter but how other accounts that I care about (or compete with) are doing. You can see the number of followers lost and gained as well as many other valuable details.


Google Photos by Google, Inc.

EVERYONE needs to immediately stop what they’re doing and downloadGoogle Photos and upload ALL of your photos to the cloud (unlimited space if you let them optimize photo size.)

I have been using it for TWO days (and I work in IT) and I am amazed with what they have done.

Once your photos are uploaded they start to make “creations” for you including:
– movies that are stitched together movie clips and photos that you have taken, set to music that you can change (did a movie montage for my friend’s wedding, Jaden’s week at violin camp, memorial day service at Fort Sam…)
photo collages
– panoramic photos stitched together from pictures
– animated GIFs of images that are similar
– “stories” of pictures that are small albums of pictures taken on the same day, location information, automatically grouped for you

>>> Search by (automatically grouped for you):
– people’s faces
– places
– categories created by on your pictures (mine included “food”, “baby shower”, ducks, art museum, restaurants, concerts, dancing)

>>> Create your own!
– everything listed above you can also do manually by selecting the pictures/videos and telling it to make a movie, animation, story, etc.

It’s amazing, every hour or so it sends me a notification of more memories it has made!




2015 Best iOS Apps - Must Have Downloads for Your iPhone

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