2014 Alamo City Comic Con

2014 Alamo City Comic Con

My daughter (Boba Fett), my husband (Darth Vadar), and I (Jedi) LOVED our time at the 2014 Alamo City Comic Con held at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center. During the first year (2013), ACCC brought in 35,000 cosplayers, geeks, and SciFi lovers.

What to Expect

First time to a Comic Con?  I have been to a couple but its definitely a new experience!  This year almost 75,000 attended over the three day conference! That means there’s a LOT of people. However, it didn’t feel claustrophobic at all.

  • Panels, seminars, workshops with comic professionals (writers, publishers, artists, and celebrities) – listen and learn!
  • Costume contests (kids and adults)
  • Meet and Greets with A-list Comic celebrities
  • For Sale – select posters and get signatures from the artists, buy lightsabers ($25-$2,500!), toys, collectibles.


Don’t forget to dress up! Although you can attend the conference in your day to day clothes, you won’t feel out of place if you go all out for your costumes! You’ll get a taste of celebrity status, the better the costume, the more times you’ll be stopped for photo ops of conference attendees. Anyone can enter the costume contests and a lot of this costumes are hand-made creations, honoring the characters that inspired.

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Did you attend?  What was your favorite costumes and panels?  Some of my favorites

  • Don’t miss the costume contest! Great to hear the inspiration behind the costume and the time it took creating!
  • Stan Lee, co-creator of comic book characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, and Iron Man was there signing autographs!
  • Saw most of the Power Rangers
  • Learned about Batman over 75 years, through comics
  • 30 years of Transformers adorably neurotic voices geeky out together on the panel



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