Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips | Chevy Haul

For an entire week, I had the luxury of driving around a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox, courtesy of Chevrolet’s Driving in the Heartland team, dedicated to the heartland of America! You can check out their website or follow their tweets, @ChevyTexan, for their latest adventures, offers, fantastic finds, and more.

As a savvy deal finder, I definitely wanted Chevrolet to get their money’s worth, I tweeted #chevyhaul like crazy and during Black Friday I managed to make it to 20 different stores, starting at midnight with my friend and fellow blogger Gita of the uber-fashion blog, Mimi and Chichi.

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips

In preparation of Black Friday 2012, here are 10 things that every savvy Chevy Haul shopper should know:

1 – Do the math! It is very easy to think you’re getting a good deal on Black Friday. You wait the entire year for sales like these. The only day of the year Apple deems worthy of offering a discount…but to feel good at the end of the day, make sure you’re getting a good deal on quality items!

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

Walmart was offering an Emerson 32? 720p LCD TV for $188 but who could beat the quality and discounts offered by Best Buy’s Sharp 42” 1080p LCD HDTV for ONLY $199.99. Plus, with the Walmart horror stories on the news and talking with other shoppers in line, I doubt I’ll ever  visit Wallyworld on Black Friday.

2 – Map it out! With many stores opening at midnight (and some even opening on Thanksgiving day — too early if you ask me…) you’ll not only want to make sure you understand where you’re headed but WHEN you need to head there. Before I hit the road in my Chevy Equinox, I made a list of all the stores that opened early, in the order they opened here. There tends to be a gap between the stores that opened at midnight, and the next round that opens at 4-5am…this will keep you busy.

*Another thing to consider, visit stores more out of the way. Although the drive might be longer, the wait will be shorter and more variety will be left untangled. Especially for high demand items, go the extra 20 miles to a remote location that you know won’t be as hectic!

**Many stores open earlier but end the incredible sales before 11am or noon. Get there early if you want to get the best deals!

Click on the Foursquare image below to see the stores that I stopped at and the deals at the time.

2012 Chevrolet Equinox |  Black Friday Shopping

3 – Bring a snack! If you’re always snacking like my friend Gita and I you’ll want to bring some holiday leftovers (brusselsprouts and cookies) as well as some water and energy drinks. At every store we visited, people were complaining of hunger pains, impatiently waiting for the food courts and other restaurants to open. Crabby people make impatient shoppers who are more willing to just buy things they don’t want. Give your wallet a fair chance.

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

4 – Leave the kids at home! We were waiting in line at Old Navy, for 30 minutes outside (so many people showed up for the free digital camera, fire hazards limited the number of shoppers allowed in at one time…) and it was fairly cold for us Texans. In front and behind us were were sobbing toddlers, begging to go home. Finally, seconds before being let into the store, the mothers staggered off with their children. MAKE CHILDCARE ARRANGEMENTS! There are a lot of children friendly daycares, gyms, and play places that offer moms and dads Black Friday shopping drop offs, starting early in the morning until the afternoon.

*With the new midnight shopping time, I also noticed a LOT of tweens running loose at the mall. Apparently their parents dropped them off with friends, while waiting for their stores to open, you could see some inappropriate makeout sessions going on. PARENTS – shopping is not the only thing that goes on at the maul…I mean mall.

5 – Go big or go home! Some of the best deals that I saw being offered were in department stores! For all your houseware needs, Macy’s and Sear’s were the way to go!

  • KitchenAid Pro 500 Series Mixer for $199.99 at Sears
  • Macy’s offered 20% off additional Black Friday sale prices! Gita got amazing sheets, retailed at $600 for less than $250!

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

6 – Fight the Crowds! With the explosion of online Black Friday sales, who in their right mind would consider fighting the crowds when all of your shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home? I’ll give you one reason why. Every year, without fail, there are significant online outages or slowdowns because of the crazy amounts of traffic generated from the 20 million other people who want to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

I remember one year I spent 3 hours painfully fighting Kohls website, adding things to the shopping cart, trying to checkout with them, being told they were sold out or having my cart emptied prematurely. In 2.5 hours I probably could have fought the masses, tried on clothes, AND checked out! Never again!

7 – Keep it social! Above was a list of all my foursqaure check ins. Make sure you take advantage of all the social and in-store promotions being offered! Many Foursquare venues offered additional discounts to shoppers. At Old Navy, Gita won an additional coupon for being the first to bring up a nail file during a contest. Many retailers on Twitter offered their followers Twitter only coupons AND additional #hashtag contests. With everyone else busy shopping, the chances of your winning is increased greatly!

8 – Chevy-sized vehicle for haul! This year I was blessed to have a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox to haul around all our deals! Buy a new car, borrow a friends, clean out your trunk before hitting the road!

Our Equinox offered:

  • great gas mileage so we could go the distance
  • plenty of storage space for our shopping haul
  • comfy seats when we needed to give our feet a rest
  • hiding places so we didn’t get mugged (always be wary of your surroundings, don’t be sitting ducks…)

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

9 – Additional tips and tricks! Here are some more helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of Black Friday:

  • Sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores ahead of time
  • Buy the newspaper on Thanksgiving for printed coupons and tons of store ads (nice consolidated view for the last minute shopper)
  • Download a Black Friday mobile app like BF Ads that gets updated with new ads all the time, is easy to use, and works without an internet connection (mall 3g can be shady)
  • Shop the off hours! Old Navy was CRAZY and had a long line at midnight, but everywhere else we visited between 2am to 7am had virtually no lines! Traffic starts to pick back up around 7am…
  • Make sure you get a place in line. If you’re battling it out for the best Best Buy offer, get there early and get the ticket. Ask for one. You need proof you were there at 24 hours before midnight and not some random person who waltzed up when the clock struck 12.
10 – Shop with a buddy! Bring a willing and able friend (one who won’t make you feel rushed) to:
  • Stand in line while your searching for clothes
  • Run to the car to get coupons or snacks while you’re waiting to check out
  • Give you a second opinion on impulsive purchases
  • Let you borrow your phone if yours starts to die
  • Think of stores you might not have gone to
  • Keep you safe in numbers!
+1 more – BEST tip of all! I almost didn’t want to share this secret. I’m afraid that once it gets out EVERYONE will take advantage of it. But because I love my readers so much, I will share the best Black Friday shopping tip in the entire world:
This year, on the Wednesday BEFORE Black Friday, at my leisure, I went to several retailers and tried on the clothes that I wanted to buy on Black Friday. Waiting to try on clothes during Black Friday, especially at busy stores like Old Navy, Kohl’s, etc. is adding an additional hour to each store, at least. I tried on all the close that I liked, at my leisure, without them being picked over…and then I *gasp* placed them on layaway. On Black Friday, I waltzed into the store, headed straight to the counter, asked for my clothes, and walked out in about 15 minutes (the time it took to wait in the long line.) I received glares from other shoppers and looks of envy from others.
*There are some risks. Only one store that I went to had better deals the Wednesday before than the Friday of, but it did happen. Also, the people can always accidentally put the clothes back on the shelves (happened once on a non-Black Friday shopping trip…)

Driving in the Heartland invited me to:

So, what better way to ease some of that holiday shopping stress than by taking a brand new Chevy for a spin to get all of your shopping done in comfort and style? This year, Chevrolet will be giving five fabulous bloggers a Chevy vehicle to drive while they take on their holiday shopping throughout the Heartland. Three bloggers from Texas and two bloggers from St. Louis, Missouri, will be riding comfortably in Chevy cars and crossovers in the next few weeks, and you can follow along as they navigate the madness on Twitter using the hashtag #ChevyHaul.

Check out all the details here.

2011 Back to School Coupons

Looking for some back to school coupons? Below are almost 50 coupons at various clothing and office retailers to help meeting all your back to school clothing needs while staying within your budget!! Let me know if you’d like to see coupons from particular stores in the future, this is a list of stores that I found currently offering discounts.

*Click on the store image to be taken directly to the offer page or coupon.

Notice that some coupons expire soon and some don’t expire until the end of the year! 😀

Retailer Discount Coupon Code Expiration
15% off + Free shipping on $50 SCHOOL 08/08/11
$20 Off $80 purchase 20SCHOOL 08/07/11
$10 off $50 | $15 off $75 | $20 off $100 Purchases KIDSBTSPrintable Coupon 08/06/11
$10 off coupons Printable Coupon 09/25/11
$10 off $50 Kids School Uniform Purchase 12DOCKERS10Printable Coupon 09/17/11
Free Amazon Prime for college students for one year Online Offer
25% off Your Entire Purchase 10071 08/07/11
Free Shipping on Any Order (No Minimum) FREESHIP711 08/08/11
20% off purchase 29756561 08/07/11
15% Off Any Order 79361031 09/01/11
20% off purchase 39456721
Printable Coupon
30% Off Any Order FRIENDSFB 08/07/11
30% Off Any Order FRIENDSFB 08/07/11
20% Off Entire Order AUGUST20 08/31/11
20% off $100, 25% off $150, 30% off $200 BRNEW 08/07/11
15% off entire purchase ENTXB24 12/31/11
40% off entire purchase AUGFLASH11 08/09/11
20% off entire purchase printable coupon Printable Coupon
$15 off $30, $30 off $100, $60 off $200 or $90 off $300 1605 08/07/11
25% Off Entire Purchase (Regular Priced Items) 124864343Printable Coupon 08/25/11
15% off $89 LKS1TCB3 10/29/11
$10 off $60 EXTRA60 10/15/11
30% off entire purchase 30OFF 08/07/11
25% Off Your Entire Purchase 30180 08/06/11
20% off $60+ HTA20AUG 09/02/11
10% off purchase DBGAFF10 01/26/12
20% off entire purchase CCAUG62 08/09/11
Various Michaels coupons Printable 09/30/11
$25 off $75+ purchase 1290 10/31/11
$10 Off $50 15863609Printable 08/09/11
20% off purchase 42565 08/31/11
$25 off Your Purchase of $100 or more SASV815 09/05/11
15% off entire purchase H3E2011 09/05/11
20% off + Free Shipping 465 08/18/11
$15 Off $100,$30 Off $150,$75 Off $250,$150 Off $500 FA1127349 08/15/11
$15 Off $100,$30 Off $150,$75 Off $250,$150 Off $500 DIVEIN20 08/07/11

2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs

Free stuff for reading? Yes please! Check out this list of retailers and local libraries offering incentives for kids to read with their families or on their own this summer! Beat the heat and reap the rewards, literally! In no particular order here are a bunch of great programs!



2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs Barnes and Noble


Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading program encourages kids to read by asking them to download a journal, read 8 books, and then pick a FREE book at the nearest store near you. Now through 9/6/2011!






2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs Borders Books


Borders book store is offering you a free book after the 10th book read! Now through 9/5/2011! Download the reading form here. You get to pick which 10 and Borders is offering a great selection of freebies to choose from (see complete list of freebies here!)


2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs Chuck E Cheese

Even Chuck E Cheese is getting in the spirit by offering this reading calendar in exchange for tokens!! Print our calendar here.


2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs HEB Buddy


From now until 10/1/2011, you can join the HEB Summer Reading Club and after reading 10 books you’ll get a cool prize!


After printing out the form (download here), mail it in to this address:


H•E•Buddy® 2011 Summer Reading Program,

10530 Sentinel, San Antonio, Texas 78217


2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs Half Price Books


Download your summer reading log from Half Price Books here and spend your summer keeping track of all the great books you read! Start turning in completed logs between July 25th through August 7th and receive $5 Back to School Bucks reading rewards cards!


2011 Kids Summer Reading Programs Scholastic Books

Scholastic if also offering freebies in their summer reading program here. Log your minutes to win rewards! This is by far the most modern and technologically filled summer reading program. Your child will sign up for an account where they log the hours they read each day. Meet the reading challenge each week and win FREE downloads and other prizes.

2011 President’s Day Sales and Coupons

Ready to shop until you drop? Check out the 44 printable coupons and promotional codes for in-store and online savings at your favorite retailers! Hurry thought because more expire at the end of President’s Day although a couple don’t for a couple days, weeks!

Let me know if you’re looking for something in particular, it looks like a great time to do a little retail therapy!

Retailer Discount Promo Code Expires
presidents day sale - hancock fabric Printable President’s Day Coupon, 8am-12pm ETNZF 02/21/11
presidents day sale - walgreens Online, save $10 Off a $60 Purchase PRESIDENT10 02/26/11
presidents day sale - gap 44 styles already marked up to 44% off; save an additional 30% w/promo code GAPSALE30 02/21/11
presidents day sale - petco 20% OFF Sitewide; free shipping >$65 president65 02/22/11
presidents day sale - old navy Everything 50% off Sale; in-store printable coupon here ($10 off $50 purchase) 02/27/11
presidents day sale - ann taylor loft 25% Off Your Full-Price Purchase; Free shipping on all orders $125 or more PRESIDENT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - perry ellis Save 35% Off Your Entire Purchase; Free Shipping >$50 PRESIDENT35 02/21/11
presidents day sale - l.l. bean 15% off your Entire Purchase (online & in-store) THINKSPRING 02/21/11
presidents day sale - hp $30 Off a $150 Purchase LHD30 04/30/11
presidents day sale - justice Extra 40% off entire order (in-store,and online) 733 02/21/11
presidents day sale - new york and company $30 Off $75, $70 Off $150 + Free Shipping 3306 ($30 off $75)

3303 ($70 off $150)

presidents day sale - the children's place $5 Select Styles + 30% off already reduced items (Online + In-Store); free shipping >$50 FSPRESIDENTS 02/21/11
presidents day sale - borders 33% off List Price of 1 item BAX3447N 02/21/11
presidents day sale - land's end 20% off Everything; Free shipping on orders $50 or more PDAY11 & PIN 2162 02/21/11
presidents day sale - hot topic Extra 50% off clearance (online & in-store) 02/21/11
presidents day sale - tommy hilfiger An Additional 30% Off Sale Items 02/21/11
presidents day sale - old navy $5 Off your purchase of $25 or more (in-store only) 02/21/11
presidents day sale - 70% off Gift Certificates EAT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - american eagle outfitters 20% off Entire order & Free Ship + $10 off Button down shirts (Online) 29864001 02/21/11
presidents day sale - michaels 20% Off Entire Purchase plus 6 more coupons; 40% any one item 2/22-2/26 02/21/11, varies this week
presidents day sale - william sonoma hom Extra 25% Off All Sale Merchandise PRESIDENT25 02/22/11
presidents day sale - old navy 15% Off $50, 20% Off $75 (Online + In-Store) ONPDAY 02/21/11
 presidents day sale - american apparel 15% off Select Items makeover 02/21/11
presidents day sale - victoria's secret Extra 20% Off Clearance Boots, Coats & Sweaters 20SHOP 02/20/11
presidents day sale - banana republic Extra 25% Off Alreay Reduced Items BRPRES25 02/21/11
presidents day sale - nautica 30% off your entire order CHIEF30 02/21/11
presidents day sale - pier 1 imports $10 Off a $50 Purchase (In-Store) 02/21/11
presidents day sale - ralph lauren Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store – 20% Off Your Entire Purchase 02/21/11
presidents day sale - ann taylor loft 25% Off Your Full-Price Purchase; Free shipping on all orders $125 or more PRESIDENT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - pottery barn Extra 15% off all clearance items SAVE15 02/21/11
presidents day sale - j. crew 20% Off Women’s Items on Orders of $150+ FABFEB 02/21/11
presidents day sale - big lots 20% Off Entire Purchase 03/06/11
presidents day sale - rack room shoes 20% off $60 02/21/11
presidents day sale - sports authority $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 SAPRES10E 02/21/11
presidents day sale - aerie $10 Off a $40 Purchase 28264592 02/21/11
presidents day sale - new york and company $25 Off $75 or more (Online + In-Store) 5521 02/21/11
presidents day sale - macy's Extra 10-15% Off Regular, Sale, & Clearance (Online + In-Store) PRESIDENT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - ann taylor Extra 40% off Entire store 02/21/11
presidents day sale - the limited 20% Off Any Purchase; $15 Off Every $50 Purchase (Online + In-Store) 664; 241
presidents day sale - office depot $10 Off $50 (Online & In Store) 62601225 02/21/11
presidents day sale - guess 50% Off Sale Items + Free Shipping 02/21/11
presidents day sale - barnes & noble 20% Off Online Price for Kids’ and Teen Books A8T7C7M 02/21/11

Best Wedding Registries Offers

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Stores want to reward that as well! By taking the time to create registries in their stores or on their websites, here are some popular ways retailers want to help celebrate your wedding:

1 – Bonus gifts: If you register for a certain number of items, certain items from specific brands, etc. you’ll get gift cards or freebies! If your gifts spend a combined $200 you’ll get a $20 gift certificate (from JCPenny)! Register at Bloomingdale’s for $200 worth of Emeril Cookware and get a 2 piece set of Ramekins, valued at $39.99!

2 – Discounts for Guests: Kohl’s hit it out of the park, not only do they offer FREE announcement cards to slip into wedding invitations but they also offer wedding guests a 15% discount for purchasing items on registry! To me this is a no brainer.

3 – Discount Post-wedding: After the dust has settled from the wedding, the newlyweds are offered discounts ranging from 10-20% off the remaining items. Most post-nuptial discounts are offered through email notifications; make sure you watch out for them. Some are offered regardless of time, some expire after a month to the first year.

4 – Gift Card and other Freebies: Some companies offer $25 gift cards just for creating the registry. JCPenny also offers a free engagement portrait. Lots of retailers offer online wedding tools, free printable planners, magazine subscriptions, and other benefits.

5 – Mingle and Scan: Macy’s and a couple other companies offer events throughout the year where engaged couples can come for an evening of FREE drinks and refreshments while scanning their registry with other smitten couples.

6 – Mobile Apps: Some stores offer mobile versions of their sites or mobile apps for quick updates, checking on registries.

These were the most important aspects to notice about gift registries that I found. It’s pretty standard to offer the tools/online resources so I didn’t include the links to those. The images are links to the wedding registry home page for each retailer. Happy Scanning! Let me know if you find any others!

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for ALL your favorite retailers, restaurants, and travel sites with your anniversary. You’ll get more freebies and gift certificates then! 😀

Retailer Benefits Discounts Post Wedding Other Special Offers
Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry Bonus Gifts – register for specific items for additional freebies, list here. The Completion Certificate gives you two separate opportunities to acquire the remaining gifts on your registry for 10% less (once in-store/online).
Pottery Barn Wedding Registry
  • FREE announcement cards
  • Tuesday night registry workshops
10% off remaining items in registry

  • Add desired items registry after wedding
  • Doesn’t expire until 6 months after wedding
Traveler’s Joy is an online honeymoon registry. Friends and family visit your page and use their credit card to give a gift toward part or all of your trip.
Bottle Notes Wine Wedding Registry Sign up and create your own unique registry full of amazing wines. Email after your wedding for 10% off all wine purchases.
Belk Wedding Registry $25 gift card for registering 10% off purchases + 2 events w/ 20% off in the first year (no brand exclusion)

  • 0% financing first year for purchases over $300
michael c fina Wedding Registry Offer the choice of either:

  • Traditional Registry – gifts are mailed within 2-3 days
  • Consolidated Registry – gifts aren’t mailed until requested, if you no longer desire item, exchange before item is shipped
  • 15% completion discount
  • Registry Rewards program – rewards if purchases from your registry exceed certain amounts
jcpenney wedding registry
  • $25 gift certificate w/ registries values $2500+
  • Registry Rewards program
  • FREE wedding portrait just for registering
  • Free wedding organizer
10% off remaining items in registry for up to a year!
REI wedding registry
  • Option of selecting pre- and post-event shipping addresses for gifts
Macy's wedding registry $100 giftcard from reward points program

  • Points from purchases made and gifts received
Search for local events to like this one 1/26/2011 at Macy’s La Cantera

  • FREE refreshments, drinks, and gift
  • Free monogramming
  • Bonus gifts program
  • Registry guide
  • Test drive table settings app
10% off remaining items in registry for up to 6 months after wedding date
Lenox wedding registry 10% off items purchased from store (on registry or not…) for 6 months after wedding
Williams Sonoma Registry
  • Request announcement cards for invitations
  • Vendor offers if you register for certain items
  • Facebook app
Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry
  • Additional gifts if guests purchase certain items
  • Free announcement cards by request
  • Refer a friend, $25 a friend
  • Bridal book
Completion discount (amount unmentioned) once online and once in a store – anytime up to three months after your event.
Kohl's Wedding Registry 15% off remaining items on registry for up to 3 months after wedding Guests receive 15% off entire purchase
Sear's Wedding Registry
  • Give gifts as a group of people
Dillard's Wedding Registry
  • 20% off the remaining regular priced items in registry, 60 days after wedding, for 2 months
Target Wedding Registry
  • Welcome Kit
Tiffany & Co Wedding Registry

Find NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys Summer Tour

Are you excited about the reunion tour of the Backstreet Boys AND New Kids on the Block?! The NKOTBSB Tour, originally scheduled for

NKOTBSB Presale Tickets: New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys Summer Tour tickets

Below are SIX fool-proof ways to get pre-sale tickets and other incredible offers for this (OR ANY) concert or sporting event.

1 – Buy VIP

This option is not for everyone since the tickets for this range from $295-$1295! VIP Club tickets (from bronze to platinum memberships/packages) are available for early purchase.

2 – Stalk Live Nation

NKOTBSB Presale Tickets: New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys Summer Tour on live nation

This tour is being produced by Live Nation – you want tickets? Sign up for everything you can!

  1. Email Offers – by becoming a member
  2. Download iPhone App – get alerts on exclusive app pre-sales
  3. @LiveNation – follow their tweets
  4. Become a Fan on Facebook:

3 – Stalk Ticketmaster

NKOTBSB ticketmaster Tickets: New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys Summer Tour

This tour is being produced by Live Nation – you want tickets? Sign up for everything you can!

  1. Email Offers – by becoming a member
  2. @ticketmaster – follow their tweets
  3. Become a Fan on Facebook:

4 – Become a Fan

NKOTBSB Presale Tickets: New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys Summer Tour VIP

This option is not for everyone since the tickets for this range from $295-$1295! VIP Club tickets (from bronze to platinum memberships/packages) are available for early purchase.

5 – Charge It! American Express

  1. Sign up for email alerts
  2. Check out perks for Amex cardholders
  3. @americanexpress
  4. Facebook:

6 – Join the Club

One of the best ways to get presale tickets to this or ANY concert is to subscribe to email alerts from the place the venue is showing. They will normally send out special URLs for presale tickets and promo codes. That’s how I was able to get my tickets early! If you don’t sign up in time to get the presale email, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, they’ll probably post the promo codes for their fans too! There are normally additional offers in their tweet stream or on their Facebook page!

DATE LOCATION VENUE – Presale Offers TICKETS Twitter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Thu, Jun 2 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Buy Tickets @mohegansun Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jun 3 Washington, DC Verizon Center Buy Tickets verizoncenterpr Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sat, Jun 4 Boston, MA TD Garden Buy Tickets @tdgarden Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sun, Jun 5 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center Buy Tickets @WellsFargoCtr Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Tue, Jun 7 Montréal, QC Bell Center Buy Tickets @evenko_en Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Wed, Jun 8 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre Buy Tickets @Nassau_Coliseum Facebook
Thu, Jun 9 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre Buy Tickets Twitter Facebook
Sat, Jun 11 Long Island, NY Nassau Memorial Coliseum Buy Tickets Twitter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sun, Jun 12 East Rutherford, NJ IZOD Center Buy Tickets Twitter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Wed, Jun 15 Pittsburgh, PA CONSOL Energy Center Buy Tickets @consolenergyctr Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Thu, Jun 16 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills Buy Tickets @DTEEnergyMusic Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jun 17 Chicago, IL United Center Buy Tickets @unitedcenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sat, Jun 18 Chicago, IL United Center Buy Tickets @unitedcenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Tue, Jun 21 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena Buy Tickets @brdgstonearena Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Wed, Jun 22 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena Buy Tickets @PhilipsArena Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jun 24 Lafayette, LA Cajundome Buy Tickets @cajundome Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sat, Jun 25 Houston, TX Toyota Center Buy Tickets @houToyotaCenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sun, Jun 26 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center Buy Tickets @insideaacenter Facebook
Tue, Jun 28 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center Twitter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Thu, Jun 30 Phoenix, AZ US Airways Center Buy Tickets @usairwayscenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jul 1 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center Buy Tickets @STAPLESCenterLA Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sat, Jul 2 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion Buy Tickets @hppavilionsj Facebook
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NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jul 8 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome Buy Tickets @TacomaDome Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sat, Jul 9 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena Buy Tickets Twitter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sun, Jul 10 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena Twitter Facebook
Tue, Jul 12 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place Twitter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Wed, Jul 13 Calgary, AB Calgary Stampede @calgarystampede Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jul 15 Minneapolis, MN Target Center Buy Tickets @TargetCenterMN Facebook
Sat, Jul 16 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center Buy Tickets @sprintcenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sun, Jul 17 Tulsa, OK BOK Center Buy Tickets @BOKCenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Tue, Jul 19 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center Buy Tickets @ScottradeCenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Wed, Jul 20 Louisville, KY KFC YUM! Center Buy Tickets @kfc_yumcenter Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Fri, Jul 22 Orlando, FL Amway Arena Buy Tickets @amway_center Facebook
NKOTBSB Tickets: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Summer Tour Sat, Jul 23 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum Buy Tickets @amway_center Facebook
Sun, Jul 24 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center Buy Tickets n/a Facebook
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2011 Day After Christmas Sales

Last year I wrote a Day After Christmas Sales post on my blog and got over 1500 visitors that day after Christmas. Here are the deals, sales, and coupons I found for 2011 to start the post-Christmas, ready to save money season off right. As I find more deals I’ll add them to this post, check back frequently! 😀

*Post-Christmas is one of the BEST times to buy large electronics and appliances…just saying…

Crabtree & EvelynTicket now after christmas couponHancock Fabric Christmas After Christmas couponRed Box blu-ray couponCafe Press christmas couponhalf price books saledillards after christmas saleJCPenney After Christmas SaleSaks Fifth Avenue after christmas salenordstrom after christmas salebig lots after christmas sale

Retailer Promo Code Description
Dillard’s Sale and Clearance items in-store and online
Macy’s HOLIDAY Extra 15% off, FREE shipping w/ purchases > $99
Kohl’s HOHOHO15 Extra 15% off, FREE shipping w/ purchases > $75
Party City PCTCYM FREE next day air, > $65; 50% off New Year supplies
Big Lots Clearance, holiday sales, 20% off w/ initial email sign up!
Saks Fifth Avenue instore and online, prices increase online 12/27 and instore 12/26 at noon.
Nordstrom instore and online, double reward points and savings start 12/26 at 8am
JCPenney SHOP4FUN $10 off $25 purchase, 12/26-12/27; 75% off clearance and seasonal items
Café Press MYNEW $10 off iphone & iPad cases
Half Price Books 20% off ENTIRE purchases 12/26-12/29
Red Box BETTERINBLU 1st Blu-Ray is only $1! HOLIDAY $25 gift certificate for $2
Hancock Fabrics Online exclusives on 12/25
Tickets Now HOLIDAY10 10% off ALL tickets
Avelle 50GIFT 50% off all in-stock rentals, expires 12/26
Crabtree & Evelyn 25% off storewide plus $10 hand therapy
GAP LBKVWFXN8R4X 20% off ENTIRE purchases 12/25
Urban Outfitters 50% off in-store purchase, 12/26-27!
Anthropologie 25% off sale items


Up to 70% off!
New York and Company 6322 Up to 70% off w/ an extra 20% off, today!
Borders BRW9132V 25% off entire purchase, today ONLY!
Ann Taylor Loft HOLIDAY 40% off entire purchase today and tomorrow
GIVEMP3S $2 in MP3 Downloads
Express 9877; 9882 $75 off $250 purchase! 12/25-12/27

Added 12/26/2011:

Brooks Brothers – save up to 40% off
Golf Galaxy – additional 25% off (WINTERSALE)
Crate & Barrel – up to 60 % off
Bed Bath & Beyond – 50% off
Newegg – tons of electronics on sale
Sephora – extra 20% off (EXTRA)
Puma – semi-annual sale, 40% off

Frost at the Westin La Cantera

The holidays are sweeping the Hill Country by storm.  First stop on Santa’s sleigh?  The Westin La Cantera!

Hill country holidays westin la cantera resort

Legendary Holidays

December 13 through December 24: Join Bandera-native and storyteller and singer “Makin’ Dust”.  When:  Nightly, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Where:  Gather in Tio’s Lobby Lounge, outdoor walking tour.

Celebrando Navidad

The Esparza library converts into a folkloric-themed gathering spot for holiday story book readings.

When:  Monday – Friday at 3:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm

Enjoy light refreshments like Mexican Hot Chocolate and Churros!



Frost Westin La Cantera

November 18 through January 8, enjoy outdoors ice skating from 11am through 8pm.

Is it real ice? No. The skating surface is constructed of a unique, environmentally sound, Hybrid-ice®. It is made of a non-toxic mixture of recyclable plastics and polymers.

You can bring your own ice skates or borrow a pair while you enjoy the magic of Christmas.  The cost is $10 for 45 minutes!

Westin La Cantera Frost Menu

Look for my blog post about Frost’s Tasting Menu!

Family Activities

Trip to the “North Pole” –  Westin Kids Club converts to the North Pole from 11/18/10 to 1/8/11, where kids can create seasonal arts and crafts. Daily from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Santa’s Workshop (in the San Augustin room 12/13 to 12/24) to make a personal keepsake holiday toy with the elves.

North Pole at Westin La Cantera

Visit Santa (San Lorenzo room 12/13 to 12/24 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm).

Decorate cookies (San Jacinto room 12/13 to 12/24).


A holiday comedy performed by The Magik Theatre. 7:30 pm on November 20, 27 and December 4, 11 and 18. Cost is $5.00 for adults; children under 5 are free. Cash or room charge only.

Toys for Tots

The Westin La Cantera Resort is proud to be a drop off location for Toys for Tots again this year.

Bring a new and unwrapped gift to The Westin La Cantera Resort for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve to collect and distribute as Christmas gifts to needy children in our community.

Westin La Cantera Social Networks:



Christmas Gift Card Rewards

Back by popular demand (from this article last year), here’s all the gift card purchases you can buy for loved ones (or yourself!!) that are accompanied with extra incentives to buy.  Gift cards can still be an incredibly thoughtful gift without taking up too much space or time.  Since you’re going to be getting the gift cards anyways (or if you want to save additional money when you make purchases for yourself…) check out these great seasonal offers that will not only bring a smile a friend to the person receiving the gift, but also the one giving (FREE stuff for you!!):

*For those gift cards that I missed, here’s a link to 54 more gift cards w/ a comparative checklist.

Maggianos gift card reward

Retailer/Restaurant Gift Card Reward
California Pizza Kitchen Purchase $100 in CPK Gift Cards and receive a $20 Rewards Card.
Kids Foot Locker Through 12/24, get $10 rewards card w/ gift card purchases >$50
DSW Through 12/24, get $10 rewards card w/ gift card purchases >$50
The Palm For every $250 you spend on gift cards, you’ll receive a $50 thank you card that can be used at The Palm from January 1 to April 30, 2011.
Godiva FREE $10 gift card w/ every $50 purchase
IHOP $5 rewards with every $25 gift card purchase
L.L.Bean FREE $10 gift card w/ every $50 purchase
Morton’s Steakhouse Buy $300 gift card and get $50 or buy $500 to get $100
Outback Steakhouse FREE $20 gift card w/ every $100 purchase
Hancock Fabric For every $100 or more single transaction between 12/11/2010-12/24/2010 you will receive a $20 BONUS BUCK card towards your next purchase between 12/26/2010-1/12/2011
Maggianos FREE $20 gift card w/ every $100 gift purchase
The Children’s Place Receive a $10 coupon when you purchase $40
Amazon Gift Card Spend $50, get $5
Roaring Fork, Wildfish, (Eddie V Restaurants) FREE $20 gift card w/ every $100 gift purchase
Brunswick Bowling Alley Free $5 Brunswick bonus certificate with every $25 gift card purchase
Dave & Busters Spend $25, get $5; spend $50, get $10
Chucke Cheese’s Get 20 free tokens for every $25 gift card purchased
Benihana Spend $50, get $10
Fox and Hound Spend $25, get $5
Sky Mall Spend $100, get $50

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half Marathon

Although I’m one of the physically in-active people that I know (and I know a lot of inanimate nerds…), I thought it would be helpful to post information about the 3rd annual Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon and half marathon and of course, I found a deal!

10.10.10 Promotion – save $20 on ANY* race in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series!

10.10.10 promotion for rock n roll marathon - save $20 on race registration!

*In honor of 10/10/10, register on October 10, 2010 from 10 am PST – 10 pm PST with online code SAVEON10!




Event Date: November 14, 2010

Start Line Village: Lion’s Field at Broadway Street and Mullberry

Start Location: Broadway Street and Millrace Ave.

Finish Location: Cherry Street – behind the Alamodome- Parking Lot C

Register Online by Nov. 11, 2010 and confirm registration here.

Interesting Bits:

  • Check out all the bands along the courses! Here… for the complete list.

susan g komen marathon race for the cure rock n roll marathon

Susan G. Komen for the Cure: 86-cents of each dollar raised toward funding valuable research and community outreach programs.

kids rock san antonio information about san antonio zoo kids marathon

Now Kids Can Rock, too!

Register kids for the 2nd Annual ING KiDS ROCK San Antonio presented by YMCA, a non-timed, non-competitive fun run for children in grades K – 5!

  • Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010
  • Location: Brackenridge Park/San Antonio Zoo- Course Map

Participants Receive:

  • Official race number
  • T-shirt
  • Race goodie bag
  • Colorful finisher’s medal post-race refreshments
  • FREE admission to the San Antonio Zoo after the race

Kid’s Registration Deadlines:

  • Online – Nov. 7, 2010
  • One day in-person – Registration WILL be available at the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday, November 12

September Printable Coupons and Online Deals

As everyone is getting settled back in school, I found almost 40 printable coupons and online codes for your favorite stores and restaurants! Some of the deals don’t even expire until the end of the month, some well into the end of the year, one even until the middle of next year!

I’m going to try and post these at least once a month – let me know if there’s anything you liked to see make the list.

Retailer Deal


15% Off Your Order

Coupon code: 34198641


Aveda Men Pure-Formance Dual Action After Shave FREE Sample


Arby’s – Free Jr Shake w/ Any Sandwich Purchase


Ann Taylor- 25% Off “Already Reduced” Prices

Coupon code: ENJOY25

Advance Auto: Spend $100, Get $50 Back + free shipping


Build-A-Bear: $10 off orders $50 or more

Coupon code: 95309


Burt’s Bees Natural Toothpaste $1 Off Coupon
Borders: 20% off List Price Any One Item

Coupon code: BEG93010X


Ben & Jerry’s : Buy One Cup or Cone, Get One Free
Barnes & Noble – 15% Off One Item (All Customers)

Coupon code: K8F7F4C


Bass Pro Shops – $20 off order of $100 or more

Coupon code: savepc4


Bath & Body Works: 20% off entire purchase

Coupon code: F102455


Crayola Store: $5 Off Any $25 Order + Free Shipping

Coupon code: CRAFALL10


Coinstar: FREE $10 iTunes Card when You Cash In $40 or more on an iTunes Certificate


Express – $25 Off $50 Or $50 Off $150 Or More


Gymboree – 20% Off Entire Order (Printable Coupon)


Gap: 20% Off Entire Order w/ VISA card (

Coupon code: VISAWEB20

9/30/10 : $20 off $100 purchase

Coupon code: 20DOWN


Hallmark: 25% Off Paper Cards and Party Products Coupon code: PARTY25


Hobby Lobby: 40% off one regular priced item (online and in store)

Coupon code: 5082


Jessica Simpson: 20% off on Any 2 Items, 30% Off Any 3

Coupon code: 2OR3


Get $5.00 off a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change
Joann: 40% Off the Regular Price of 1 Item (online) (Joann)

Coupon code: AE288


Leap Frog – 15% off $50

Coupon code: COUPON15


Lord & Taylor Signature Sale – Save an Extra 20% Off

Coupon code: SALE


Lowe’s: Various Printable Coupons for Household Cleaning Products
Oriental Trading Co- $5 Off $20 +, $10 Off $40 +, $20 Off $75 + Purchase

Coupon code: ACSEP10


Office Depot : $20 off $100 purchase

Coupon code: 73039011


Planet Hollywood – $10 Off $20 (Printable Coupon)


Quiznos: $1 off a regular or $2 off a large sub + 1 catering printable coupons


RedBox: Free DVD Rental w/ Kiosk Code

Coupon code: DVDONME

Ralph Lauren: Extra 10% Off Coupon

Coupon code: BZR29369 : 80% off Gift Certificates (

Coupon code: REDPLUM

Children’s Place: 10% off any purchase online (The Children’s Place)

Coupon code: WA78


The Container Store- 25% Off Annual Shelving Sale


Urban Outfitters: 10% off your entire purchase

Coupon code: CLASSACT


White House Black Market – Take $20 Off Any Purchase of $100 or More (White House Black Market)

Coupon code: 9175


Yankee Candle: $10 off $25 Purchase (Online & In-Store) (Yankee Candle)

Coupon code: PHKKYR5


Tre Trattoria | San Antonio TX

Tasty Byte:  Tre Trattoria


Address:  4003 Broadway | San Antonio, TX 78209 { MAP }

Phone:  210.805.0333

Restaurant Week – Lunch – Menu

*Restaurant Week menus are not posted online but similar to 3 course mentioned on Lunch and Dinner menus



Tre Trattoria was a little hard to find once we got into the Broadway shopping center, right next to the Witte on the same side of Broadway.  We did get a nice scenic detour of all the buildings and offices in that are area enjoying the pretty landscaping and quietness.  Once we found the restaurant we were floored.  I loved the decorations on both the outside and indoor seating, Jason Dady has done it again!

Tre Trattoria on Urbanspoon

Back to School Sales for Teachers | Educators Discounts

I hope that even if you’re not a teacher, you share the information in this post with one you know!  I can’t think of a more intense profession – please take the time to thank the teachers in your life!

This post is chock full of deals, reward programs, and other incentives that teachers and educators might not have the time to find.  Check out these deals for back to school, a lot of which last all year long!  Most require sign up with proof of teaching license or school code but all programs are free with rewards offered to your school!

Barnes and Noble Educator Program

B&N Educator Program

  • Educator Discount, Resources & More
  • Save 20% off the publisher’s list price on all purchases for classroom use
  • Get up to 25% off the publisher’s list price during Educator Appreciation Days
  • Receive valuable email offers and information on special Educator events
  • Listen to popular stories being read online
  • Join by filling out this application and bringing it to any location! More FAQ
  • Coupon code: B8X7U8U, Exp: 08/17/10 (save 30% off the Back to School Category)

Borders Teaching Zone Reward Program

Classroom Discount Card – savings for teachers

  • Individual teachers, from preschool through high school, as well as school librarians and homeschool educators.
  • Save 25% off the list price of books and music CDs
  • Save 10% off the list price of DVDs for professional use.
  • Applications are available at all Borders stores, and signing up is completely free.
  • Follow on Facebook for more deals and events!

Half Price Books Teacher and Librarian Discount Card

Half price Books – Educator Discount

  • Half Price Books supports educators, school teachers and librarians in the community.
  • Educator’s Discount Card saves 10% all year round!
  • Just bring in valid ID and proof of current employment such as a pay stub or employee ID card.

Crayola Gold Star Teacher Program

Crayola – Gold Star Teacher Program

  • Sign up
    for the program to get great deals, printables, and other online resources!
  • Check out these resources, templates, and other freebies!
  • FREE science lesson plan for teachers

Office Depot Star Teacher Program

Office Depot – Star Teacher Program

  • Get 10% back in Rewards on ink, toner, and paper, plus 1% back on almost everything else.
  • Get discounts with these “My Star Teacher” reward partners
  • Find out more information about smart reward programs and going green!
  • $10 off $50 (Coupon Code: 75009959)
  • $15 off $75 (Coupon Code: 63427096)
  • $20 off $100 (Coupon Code: 40124581)
  • Expires 8/21

Adobe Software Student and Teacher Discounts

Adobe Software – Student/Teacher Discounts

  • Get up to 80% off Adobe software products!
  • FREE shipping!

AT&T Wireless Teacher Savings and Discounts

ATT Wireless

PBS Teacher Program

Join PBS Teachers!

  • Exclusive Content from PBS!
  • Ability to Save, Rate and Comment on Classroom Resources (like their Activity Packs)
  • Online Discussions on Media and Technology
  • Just by signing up, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase at ShopPBS for Teachers.
  • Follow on Twitter – @pbsteachers

2010 office professional student discount

  • You must have a valid e-mail address at an educational institution ending with the domain suffix .EDU (i.e., OR have a valid email address at one of the educational institutions listed here.

Staples back to school discounts

  • 20% Off All School and Office Supplies (In-Store Only)
  • Valid 8/15/10–8/21/10

Michael's the Knack Faculty discount program for teachers

Michael’s has this program called “The Knack Faculty” which offers teachers and other educators tons of printable templates, ideas, and savings!

Make sure you take advantage of their teacher appreciation event:

Michael's the Knack Faculty discount program for teachers

What: The Knack Faculty Free Teacher Appreciation Crop Event

When: 8/27/2010 3:00 PM – 8:45 PM

“Create some fun for the classroom. Teachers and friends, join us for Teacher Appreciation Crop Event. Learn to create fun bulletin boards, bookmarks, signs and more. We provide the space and assortment of tools. Plus, we take care of the cleanup.”

Michael's 40% off regular price item

HP Teacher Experience

HP – Teacher Experience Exchange

Stores Offering Crafts and Activities for Kids this Summer | 2010

There are tons of FREE and discounted things for your kids to do this summer! Take advantage and don’t pay retail! 🙂 This blog post consists of all the fun activities we do during the week and on the weekends! Most of the programs we participated in last year. Also make sure to check out my blog post about 2010 Summer Reading Programs for Kids (to learn how to get free books, t-shirts, and gift certificates to reward your children for reading over the summer!) Some of the activities were mentioned in my blog post, 6 Kid Activities for the 6th Day of the Week!

Bass Pro Shop

I hope you have one nearby, they offer great activities over the summer (and throughout the year!) They will be offering FREE/Fun activities and make your own crafts! EVERYTHING is FREE! Activities include crafts, shooting galleries, casting ponds, family workshops, making s’mores, photo opportunities (FUN!!), shooting range, merit badge workshops, and more!

Bass Pro Shop Family Summer Camp Activities and Crafts

When: June 5 – July 11

Time/Day of the Week(s): Tues/Thur (at noon) OR Sat/Sun (at noon) { Schedule }

Cost: FREE

Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics

Make sure you check out my recent blog post about these quality activities that occur every other week! Your child will enjoy getting the free Lowe’s apron, goggles, and hammering away at the wood craft of the week!

Lowe's Wood Craft

When: Indefinitely, not just for the summer!

Time/Day of the Week(s): Every other Saturday, next event is 6/12/2010, after that is 6/26/2010 – starts at 10am and supplies go FAST! { Schedule }

Cost: FREE!!

Home Depot’s Kids Workshops

Another fun, FREE activity, Home Depot activities are very similar to Lowe’s. Really quality crafts! Have made a wooden airplane, treasure box, pirate ship, and more!

Home Depot Wood-working craft

When: Indefinitely, not just a summer thing!

Time/Day of the Week(s): First Saturday of EVERY month, starts at 9am – get there EARLY! { Schedule }

Cost: FREE!!

Lakeshore Learning Store

Another really quality craft activity, this one is fun and can kill a couple hours! After making the craft, walk around the store and play with all the displays set out on Saturday for kids to experiment with. A fully stocked kitchen, put on a puppet show, go fish, and much more!

Also, on special holidays they sometimes offer multiple crafts! Great gifts for grandparents! They also encourage parents to participate if you’re feeling particularly crafty.

Lakeshore Learning Store crafts and activities for kids

When: Indefinitely, not just summer!

Time/Day of the Week(s): Every Saturday from 11-3pm…try to not just show up at 2:45pm when they’re trying to clean up. The San Antonio location brings out supplies as long as there are kids which I’ve always appreciated. { Schedule }

Cost: FREE!!

Target Arts + Cultures

Target is supporting the Arts by offering over 2,200 FREE and reduced-price events sponsored by Target! Click on the link to find events near you!

Pottery Barn Kids Book Club

When: Indefinitely, not just for the summer

Time/Day of the Week(s): Tuesdays at 11am-1130am { Schedule }

Cost: FREE, after 5 visits get a FREE gift!

April Coupons | Online Deals, Printable Coupons

Check out 20 printable coupons and online promotional codes to help save you money! From different restaurants, book stores, clothing, and other retailers, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these incredible offers! Save money on magazines, greeting cards, and geek-ware.

Click on the images for a direct link to the printable coupon or online offer.  Some offers don’t expire until August of this year!

Retailer Discount Promotional Code Expiration
$10 Off a $30 Purchase



15% Off Regular Price Items – No Minimum (Online)



Amazon Magazines -2 years for the price of 1



25% Off Dream Sale + Free Shipping



Free Movie Ticket w/ Purchase (Mail-In Offer)

Mail back in form


Free Hallmark Kids Greeting Card (In-Store)

First card FREE


$15 off $60 Coupon Code



Coupon for a FREE Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr or a FREE Little Thickburger at Hardee’s when a Monster Energy Drink is purchased

Fill out Form

Limited time

20% Off Entire order, Free 5 Ct Sidewalk Chalk w/ Orders over $20

Coupon code: CRASPR10, Exp:

(20% off)

Coupon code: FREECHALK10

(Free Chalk)


Clearance Sale – Up to 70% Off



$10 Off a $30 Purchase (In-Store)

Printable Coupon


$10 off $50 Purchase (in-store only)

Printable Coupon


80% Off Dining Certificates



Free Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich w/ Drink Purchase (Printable)

Printable Coupon


$10 off $70 or more + free shipping



Free tote with swim purchase



10% Off your entire purchase



20% off $100 Purchase



FREE iPhone Apps | Retailers, News, & More!

Why would someone who doesn’t have an iPhone want to write a post about iPhone apps?!  Simple, I have tons of friends who have iPhones AND I’m really good at digging up unknown things on the web – why limit myself?!  Included in this post are the things I would look up for myself, and just want to know (including 35 iPhone apps you might not have known existed!)

Apple Deals

Did you know?! Apple now offers an Out-of-Warranty Service program that allows you to bring in your iPhone that would otherwise be ineligible for warranty service (for example stopped working but physically intact, water-damaged, cracked screen, etc.)  and they’ll replace your iPhone with a new or refurbished iPhone for the Out-of-Warranty Service fee listed below:

iPhone 3GS Out-of-Warranty Service
16GB & 32GB $199
iPhone 3G Out-of-Warranty Service
8GB, 16GB $199
Original iPhone Out-of-Warranty Service
4GB, 8GB & 16GB $199

*As of 3/8/2010 – it just can’t be shattered into a million pieces

  • Clearance Section – Check out the clearance
  • Educational Deals – Apple offers educational discounts for college students and faculty and staff at all grade levels to purchase Mac computers, Apple software, and select accessories at special prices.

iPhone Apps Directory (online for easy browsing)

iTunes iPhone Apps w/o iTunes complete listing

Overstock iPhone App: iPhone App

Pear Analytics – Website Analyzer – iPhone App:

Pear Analytics Website Analyzer

Website Analyzer allows you to quickly run an analysis on any website within about 30 seconds. Each site is scored from 0 to 100 and color-coded for easy explanation. You get a detailed report with simple explanations of each feature of how to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) capability.

Zyrtec Allergy iPhone App:

ZYRTEC® AllergyCast
The ZYRTEC® AllergyCast gives you the allergy and weather info you need to help. LOVE THE AIR..

  • Get the allergy forecast for today and tomorrow.
  • Know the top allergens to watch out for.
  • See the hourly, daily, or 10-day weather forecast plus the relative humidity.
  • Save your favorite locations then view them on a map along with the pollen levels for each.
  • Access details for ZYRTEC® products for adults and children.

WOAI News iPhone App:

WOAI Mobile Local News
The San Antonio, TX news experience been waiting for is finally here! Catch the latest news, sports and weather wherever you go with the WOAI Mobile Local News application. Mobile Local News takes the best features from the WOAI newscast and Web site and rolls them into a mobile experience that is a must on your iPhone and iPod.

KENS San Antonio News iPhone App:

KENS 5 San Antonio
Keep up with what’s happening in San Antonio with KENS 5 San Antonio on your iPhone and iPod Touch. The KENS 5 San Antonio application gives you news updates, the latest weather forecast, video, local sports info, movie show times and more – all at your fingertips.

Sky Mall iPhone App:

Sky Mall iPhone App

bebe iPhone App:

bebe iphone app
The bebe Mobile application allows iPhone and iPod touch users to quickly browse, search and purchase products available on using a simple, yet stylish, interface. bebe clients have full access to their existing cart, payment and shipping options.

the Fray iPhone App:

*$1.99 – but I <3 the Fray…

The Fray Live iphone app

Dragon Diction – iPhone App:

*I also use the software for my computer and LOVE it!

Dragon Dictation iphone app
Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it.s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.

Skype iPhone App:

Skype iphone app
With Skype on your iPhone or iPod touch you can call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free. You can also call landlines and mobiles and send SMS anywhere in the world, at great rates. Skype is free to download and easy to use.

AT&T myWireless Mobile iPhone App:

AT&T myWireless Mobile iphone app
AT&T myWireless Mobile allows you to manage your AT&T wireless account from your iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

McCormick Recipe Finder iPhone App:

McCormick Recipe Finder iphone app
Never again be stumped for a delicious recipe idea. The McCormick Recipe Finder has a collection of over 1,000 trusted recipes, developed and tested by our kitchens.

The Weather Channel iPhone App:

The Weather Channel iphone app

The New York Times News iPhone App:

NYTimes iphone app
Take the high-quality news and information of The New York Times with you on the go.

Bloomberg iPhone App:

Bloomberg iphone app
Bring the power of the most trusted source for financial information to your iPhone, along with tools to help you analyze the world’s markets. iPhone App: iphone app
The application allows you to search and access millions of videos no matter where you go – now with more full episodes of shows!

Showtime iPhone App:

Showtime iphone app

Discovery Channel iPhone App:

Discovery Channel iphone app
With the FREE Discovery Channel iPhone application you.ll get new videos, daily news stories, quizzes, photos, TV schedules and more. Illustrating the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement, Discovery Channel creates the highest quality content to ignite your curiosity, immerse you in the how and why, and satisfy you with information.

IMDb iPhone App:

IMDb Movies & TV iphone app
IMDb is the world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information. IMDb is the leading app on the iPhone and iPod Touch to find US showtimes, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, get US TV listings, find latest DVD releases, explore popular charts and share movie info.

ABC News iPhone App:

USA TODAY iphone app
Take ABC News with you while you’re on the go! Get one touch access to Top of the Hour video news briefs, local videos and weather, daily top stories and pictures, breaking news, emergency alerts and more.

Best Buy iPhone App:

Best Buy iphone App
The current version brings you all of Best Buy’s weekly deals, and more. Visually browse or accurately search our entire inventory. Dive deeper into each product through ratings, reviews, related items and enlarged views. Fill and manage your favorites and shopping cart on your phone.

Sports Illustrated iPhone App:

Sports Illustrated iphone app
Stay current on the hot sports news and topics of the day with Sports Illustrated’s free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SI’s world famous writing and photography get delivered directly to your device along with the latest scores of your favorite pro and college teams.

CNN iPhone App:

*NOT Free – $1.99

CNN Mobile iphone app iPhone App: iphone app
Dictionary & Thesaurus at your finger tips!

Wikipedia iPhone App:

Wikipedia Mobile iphone app
Wikipedia is now officially on the iPhone! This is our official application and we are working hard on making the absolute best Wikipedia app out there.

NASA Official iPhone App:

The first official NASA App invites you to discover a wealth of NASA information right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Google Earth iPhone App:

Google Earth iphone app
Hold the world in the palm of your hand. With Google Earth for iPhone and iPod touch, you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. Explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world’s population and a third of the world’s land mass.

Urbanspoon iPhone App:

*I love this app!

Urbanspoon iphone app
Can’t decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. Shake your iPhone and the Urbanspoon slot machine will pick a good restaurant for you to try. Keep shaking until you find a restaurant you’re happy with.

Kayak Travel Discounts iPhone App:

KAYAK Flight, Hotel Search iphone app
KAYAK for the iPhone connects to, the best travel search engine in the world. Compare hundreds of travel sites at once.

Southwest iPhone App:

Southwest Airlines iphone app
Traveling with Southwest Airlines is now even more convenient with our first iPhone app. Make reservations, check in for flights, and access your Rapid Rewards account directly from your iPhone. Plus, our iPhone app has DING! functionality built in, giving you instant access to exclusive, limited-time-only air fare deals.

Meebo iPhone App:

Meebo iphone app
Meebo is integrated, all-in-one instant messaging that connects you with your friends everywhere.

Target iPhone App:

target iphone app

Walgreens iPhone App:

Walmart Iphone app
With the official Walgreens iPhone app, there.s a way to order prescription refills on-the-go and prints of the photos you just took on your phone. You can also find your nearest Walgreens and the week.s hottest in-store savings on your way to the store.

Macy’s iPhone App:

Macy's iphone app

The Home Depot iPhone App:

The Home Depot iPhone App

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