Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend – check this out:

M – utts

B – eer

F – ootball

What are the odds?  But I digress.

What to do with man’s best friend in San Antonio?  Well, from what I hear from my canine loving co-workers, not much.  I don’t have a dog but enough of my dear loved ones do…so I’m going to give you the kibbles and bits.

From what I’ve found, there are a couple animal love resources…

Fetching Newspapers & Blogs

Pet Me is “a blog about our furry and feathered friends.”  While checking out the articles in my local copy of 210SA (My San Antonio’s sister cool and happening periodical) I have been pleased with the amount of dog-oriented information.  They listed all the places that dogs were welcomed, dog photo contests at La Cantera, and I’m sure they’ll include information about the 4th annual Bow-Wow Meow Luau put on by the Pet Pals of Texas which has quickly become a San Antonio tradition.

The Dog Blog is written by the owner of a black Lab named Missy.  The dynamic duo reviews foods, talks about canine events, and even tries different recipes.

Like “The Dog Blog”, SA Paws is hosted off My San Antonio’s website.  This sub-site not only has a calendar of pet pal events, but also feeds all animal related stories from the local Express-News and of course has furry forums and cutesy pictures.  You can even find them on Facebook which impressed me as is not known for taking advantage of cutting edge social networks.  Find information about pet product recalls, more pet blogs, and the following helpful links:

Giving Back to the Canine Community

Don’t have a dog?  Don’t want one full-time?  I know a mother with a 5 year old daughter who DESPERATELY wants a dog?  Is the mom ready for one?  NO!  So instead of dedicating their life to just one single dog…they go the San Antonio Humane Society and give their love to many dogs (and cats) who also want love and affection.  For many this is a great way to still bask in unconditional furry adoration.  I felt very comfortable visiting on a Saturday afternoon.  The facilities are surprisingly clean, bright and open.  They also have all kinds of events, some fundraisers, for adoptions, or just plain fun.  You can email the Humane Society to offer your services as a volunteer – sign up for their bi-monthly training class.  The class last only an hour and a half and with a one-time $25 fee per person.

This covers your volunteer T-shirt or apron, badge, volunteer insurance coverage in case of injury, and your HS/SPCA membership.

Want to be a foster parent?  Click on the link and download the application.  Take care of the pet of someone deployed in the military, a rescued animal, or a special needs puppy.  These are the animals that need the most love and attention.  You can be specific in how long, what type, they’re looking for pet-lovers and am sure will try their hardest to match foster parents with their ideal situation.

Kid’s birthday?  Book it at the San Antonio Humane Society and you’ll get two and a half hours of interactive, education fun.  Get behinds the scene tours, educational presentations, and playtime!

Puppy Play Time

Just like toddlers enjoying playtime and group play, Pawderosa Ranch offers day-time and overnight drop offs while you’re at work or away in San Antonio.   Another puppy playgroup to join is Camp Bow Wow which also encourages social interaction, during the day, or sleep away.