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As a lover of Woot and everything on sale, I was very excited about the local launch of San Antonio’s Groupon!  I have included everything I have discovered so far that I’m excited and why I chose Groupon.com as my newest Website of the Week!

Groupon is just a little over a year old (according to their About Me) by @AndrewMason (music major turned software developer turn who founded The Point.)   Basically there is a new deal each day and a certain number of Groupon groupies need to grab that deal  before anyone can actually purchase it.  If you don’t get enough people for the daily deal then you don’t have to pay.  The downside…you don’t get the deal!  It’s an interesting concept, on day one of San Antonio Groupon’s launch, Groupon required 20 buys and right now they’re at 269!

Daily Deal: Each daily deal includes a link to the retailer/restaurant, information, and also what the local critics are saying!  It also counts down the time left to purchase, what time the designated number was met, and how many people have purchased that day’s Groupon.  You can also comment on that days deal…which might tip the indecisive if you put in a good word.

Refer Friends: Refer friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, and your personalized link so that you get the $10 credit whenever your friends make their first purchase!

Alerts:  Groupon also makes it easy to subscribe to daily alerts!  Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their RSS feed!  They also frequently make blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates.  You can keep up with the main company of check out your local Groupon like I did!  Also check back to see what you foolishly missed on their Recent Deals page to see the (DUH) most recent…click here to see all

San Antonio Groupon

Groupon Gifts: Looking for a Christmas present?  Give the gift of the daily deal (HUGE button found on the main page) OR Groupon Bucks.  The Bucks can be redeemed at ANY Groupon, whenever they find something they like.  Although you can only buy 1 Groupon for yourself a day, you can purchase an unlimited number for friends!

Business: Want to get your business on Groupon?  Find out how here.  Includes more information about the company, how it works, and the encouraging success stories that contributed to over a 1.8+ million subscribers current registered!  Check out what the press is saying about Groupon.

Suggestions: Looking for a particular business but don’t see it yet?!  Suggest it here!  Groupon has multiple opportunities for your voice to be heard!

For Hire: Looking for a job?  Groupons always hiring too… centered in Chicago there are opportunities in Sales, IT, programming, SEO…sounds like a pretty fun place to work!

Make sure you read the FAQ for more information, things that caught my eye:

  • The last referral you clicked on before making a purchase gets the $10 friend referral credit!

With almost 48 local cities listed, Groupons is EVERYWHERE!

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