Geekette’s Top 8 Mailing Lists to Join…

DISCLAIMER: I strongly recommend separating your mailing list emails or setting up good filters (either through your e-mail or Outlook.)  They all go to my personal email account but filter into various categories, quickly looking at each – kid offers, home and garden, food, travel, etc.

Companies LOVE mailing lists and member accounts for the following:

  • Save $$$ – it doesn’t cost as much to send out an e-mail as it does to send out paper notifications of specials, etc.
  • Instant, Clear, and Searchable – online specials are often much better then those found in the mailbox or newspaper

Not everyone is web savvy so they can afford to make awesome offers available to those who take advantage.

*Look back for a post about finding savings in the daily newspaper…

Why I love mailing lists:

  • Sign-up Incentives (one time offers for joining a site – often the best offer/discounts you’ll see)
  • Birthday Presents (on your birthday look in your inbox and mailbox for great offers – they want you to spend your birthday money, dinner, etc with them.)
  • Offers/Discounts not for the Masses (Instead of getting what everyone gets, receive something a little more personalized AND special.)

This list is based on just the facts, I probably have subscribed (and sometimes un-subscribed) from 100-200 different websites for any retail service you can think of.

*In no particular order – I picked my favorite in 8 different categories…

Top 8 Mailing Lists to Join

  1. – Not only do you get $5 off in-store and 10% off online, Kohls sends out notifications every couple of days with offers of free shipping and great sales.  (Word from the wise – create an account and save your shopping cart…it will time out and you’ll lose everything in your you’ve potentially purchased.)
  2. Chuck E. Cheese’s – You want your kid to be a kid…and the cheaper, the more inclined you’ll be to tolerate the loud noises and obnoxious parents.  (Did I say obnoxious?  I meant assertive and strong…)  The best part is the payout at sign up time – you pay for 40 tokens ($10) get 60 tokens, FREE!  You get a set of 4 with each coupon alert eventually the ratio reverses to pay for 60 tokens ($15) get 40 free…still a great deal.)  (Check back for my post on tips and tricks for playing the games – timing is everything if you want to be the mom (dad/uncle/friend/etc) who walks up everytime with at least a thousand tickets.)They’ll also e-mail chore charts, doctor visits, and other certificates worth 10 tokens (FREE) upon completion.
  3. VistaPrint – If I could only keep one mail subscription, it might just be VistaPrint.  Although you are frequently are e-mailed offers, the offers are incredible!  A printing website with quick turnaround a good quality – the offers are great to use at different times of the year.  My daughter and I made fridge magnets with her in red by the tree for Christmas, and included a poem she wrote on the site.  Priceless.  Literally!  Pay special attention of offers with free or discounted uploads (template and pictures included –  a majority of the bill can add up when adding pictures to cards or calendars.)  This website doesn’t just print business cards, print post cards, mousepads, key chains, stamps, car magnets, calendars, hats, and more!  With each e-mail offer select up to 10 FREE products to personalize or design from scratch, only paying for shipping at the end.
  4. – The easiest way to find online coupon codes.  I do not make a purchase online without first googling promotional code (or whatever is requested upon checkout.)  I’ve saved incredible amounts of money with discounts or FREE shipping.
  5. Borders Perks – I’m not sure where this gem was hiding and who knew that Borders Bookstore had such an extensive, inclusive listing of incredible deals.  Sent in a weekly message, rewards include discounts for not only their own bookstore but a plethora of others as well.  Anything and everything is included in this extensive site listing but top offers are emailed every couple of days, based on preferences.
  6. 2-Way Tie for Best Picture:
    Walgreens & Shutterfly – Both regularly e-mail great discounts and promotional codes just in time for the holidays or birthdays.  New members receive free prints – I normally hold out for coupons for $.10 or less…they also offer discounts on photo products (mousepads, scrapbooks) and include updates to new functionality AND services.
  7. Ticketmaster, Broadway Across America, & are all worth mentioned when purchasing tickets to entertaining events.  Ticketmaster and Broadway Across America both send clean, easy to read emails, on a weekly basis, about local events based on my preferences.  It’s a great reminder and they often include special codes for buying in advanced! is worth mentioned because not only can you get INCREDIBLE discounts in alert e-mails, you’re also e-mailed about other promotional events by the players and discounts to hotels and travelling.  Get great seats to the next Spurs game!
  8. – Sign-up at the bottom of the page for Omail, Overstocks frequent flyer about over the top deals that normally only last through the weekend.  A lot are for $1 shipping (a great deal on large rug or furniture purchases)…highlights the top sellers and best deals, both the website and e-mails are very clean and manuever through.

Making my top 8 mailing lists:

  • How often are e-mails received?  Is the content worth the frequency?
  • How easy to read is it?
  • How easy is it to use the discount/promotion?
  • Can I get to the website easily from the e-mail?
  • Amount of savings (time/money)…

*Although this is my first post on mailing lists I will eventually offer more granular TOP 8 mailing lists: kids, food, offers, etc.  Let me know what you’re interested in hearing about the most?

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