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Partially in tribute to my WOW loving co-workers (you hear the funniest things when you stop to listen to World of Warcraft conversations…), I have chosen the same abbreviation for my ‘Website of the Week’ (WoW) blog post. This will highlight a website I feel especially impressed by. It might be a great money-saver, like this week’s, or it could be a wonderful web app. Something stands out enough AND I don’t think enough people know about its awesomeness. Some weeks I might post multiple, there are so many out there it’s hard to get through them all.

Website of the Week (WoW):

Quick Bit: “The premiere source for discounts and promotions”, I agree. I love that the HUGE coupon book, neatly organized with perforated pages, has a corresponding online membership with ADDITIONAL coupons!

About: Started in 1962 by a suburban Detroit couple created local coupon book, Entertainment has expanded exponentially as a wonderful discount resource AND fundraiser of choice by many schools and programs. Take the time to look through the entire books, some coupons only appear once and if you’re skimming you might miss a GREAT deal! Cut them out and paste then on the calendar when the outing is planned.


  • Normally $25 at the start of the year, buy yours now for $9.99!
  • Buy 2010, get 2009 FREE! (Aug. 12th)
  • Coupon Book – based on major cities, find offers for:
    • Dining out – local eateries and chains included
    • Casual and family dining – relaxed family joints
    • Fast food and carryout – chains, bakeries, ice cream shops (hint hint during THIS summer!)
    • Entertainment and sports – included Dave and Buster’s, 2 for 1 movie tickets to several different movie theaters, 50% off pre-season Spurs tickets, 2 for 1 admission to several museums, mini golf and real golf courses, tubing, the circus, Disney on Ice, theaters, fitness gyms, and MORE!
    • Travel and hotel – travelling for a friend’s wedding, used their hotel voucher for an ADDITIONAL 20% off, also include discounts at (an already severely discounted travel site), 25% off Nickelodeon Family vacation packages, and GREAT savings on car rentals (although I would check Hotwire first if you’re renting a car), etc.
    • Retail and services – during Valentine’s Day they had free delivery for 2 dozen roses, $19.99, Netflix, video rentals, car washes, World Market, home security alarms, Walgreens, photographers, oil change, spas, dry cleaners, seriously, the list goes on and on and on!
  • Membership Card – found inside the book, use at local participating restaurants and online travel agencies to get additional savings
  • Website – register w/ member ID. Use the membership ID to register on their website. You’ll find additional printable and online coupons, receive weekly emails, and get other member only promotional offers. I love being able to easily search through their website. I normally check here and whenever I’m looking for deals. If I used up all the coupons at a favorite restaurant in the book, I just go online and print out additional coupons for the same place! Everything found in the coupon book PLUS more! Check out the different sections here. Another nice thing about the book – if you’re going on vacation just print out coupons for that city without buying that book… Nice little Back to school section on the website.

*Side note: When I first used ATT, they had an incentive to join (through their moving package I believe) that also included 10 vouchers for 10 coupons from this site. This is what they were talking about.

***Charity/Schools – learn more about their fundraising programs. Not limited to the coupon book, learn about selling cookie dough and other fundraising ideas for schools, non-profits, sports, and churches.

***Career Opportunities – in this economy you never know or might be looking, start here.

Facebook: (I wrote to make sure this is the official site, will update post if it’s not.)

Twitter: (not easy to find either!)

E-mail Group: Once you setup an account online, you can modify your account preferences to receive semi-frequent email alerts, based on your interests. (Definitely worth it!)

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