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Thanks SeaWorld San Antonio for the VIP evening to remember!  During this latest preview, SeaWorld San Antonio debuted their newest show, Azul!  Officially opening March 12, 2010, “Azul” will replace “Viva’s” 8 year stint.  (I personally have seen Viva at least 15 times (a low estimate of 5 times a year)…)

Not only does this show feature original compositions from Germany and Montreal, it also incorporates gravity defying acrobatics, beautiful Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales (including the adorable mommy and baby beluga pair).

After being wined and dined, VIP (VERY Important Person) style, Dan Decker SeaWorld San Antonio’s Exec. Vice President and General Mgr. (@DanJDecker) graciously welcomed everyone to Beluga Stadium (which included the Social Media Club San Antonio – my group!! and other hospitality and local tourism groups.)

Azul: Lure of the Sea follows a curious (and FUNNY!) tourist through his magical adventures in the sea…and did you know…I just found out the comic is actually married in real life to the acrobat-girl who soars gracefully through the air.

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