2013 Costco Membership Coupon

2013 Costco Membership Coupons

Once I decided I wanted a Costco Membership I started searching for the best coupon out there.  In the past I had seen $25 gift certificates, discounts, and other good deals so I didn’t want to feel shortchanged!  For 2013, here’s the best deal I found (leave me a comment if you find something better!):

2013 Costco Membership Coupon




Download Printable Coupon here:  2013 Costco Membership Coupon

Although the membership will still cost you $55 for the regular membership and $110 for the executive level (more on the differences in a second), you’ll also get these things in addition to that!

  • Free 48 Pack Kirkland Batteries
  • Free Rotisserie Chicken
  • Free Kirkland 36/16.9 oz Spring or Drinking Water

Sounds great right??  What?  You want more?!  Ok, in addition to those great freebies, you’ll also be sent coupons for the following:

  • $10 off Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses
  • $3 off Kirkland Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • $5 off Kirkland Signature Toasted by Starbucks House Blend Office or Columbian Coffee
  • $5 off Fresh Meat
  • $3 off Kirkland Premium Chunk Chicken Breast Canned 6/12.5 oz
  • $3 off Kirkland Signature Albacore Tuna 8/7 oz
  • $5 off Food Court Fresh-Baked 18″ Pizza
  • $1.50 off Fresh Produce Select Salad Mixes

*They all expire July 31, 2013

So, what’s stopping you?

There has always been a great debate about how much money you’re actually saving by joining Costco (or similar buying in bulk stores…) and here are some things to consider before taking the plunge (like I just did!!):

  1. USDA Prime MeatUSDA grades beef on a scale from PRIME (restaurant quality meat!) to CHOICE (runner up, still some quality) to SELECT (tasteless, lowest quality, a step above the grade COMMERCIAL which is used for TV dinners…).  At Costco, there is an excellent supply of PRIME and CHOICE meat.  When my friends hear about sales at Costco, they stock their fridges full of PRIME beef!
  2. Tiny Prints Discount – Tiny Prints (learn all about it here, it’s an awesome printing company) orders get 20% off AND FREE regular shipping!  How good of a deal is that!?  I just ordered two address stamps (retail $45 each) and got $18 off + $7.95 off for shipping!
  3. Diapers – what a great deal they have.  I don’t know about you but it feels like baby season around my friends.  What is more helpful than a bunch of diapers!  In bulk!  At a great discount!
  4. TO BE CONTINUED…(it’s getting late and you should already be convinced!) 🙂


Differences Between Costco Memberships:

Costco Gold Star Membership

Costco Executive Membership







Gold Star Member – $55 a year, you’re in

Executive Member – $110 a year but if you’ll also get refunded 2% of your purchase so technically it can pay for itself.  How much would you have to spend to break even?  A hefty $2750!  Upon hearing this I said, no way.  Because if I go to Costco once a month, I’d have to spend $230!  And while I could probably do that every other month…every month seems outrageous.

When I brought in my application I said I was only interested in the Gold Star Membership.  Here’s what they said that convinced me to go Executive…make sure you hold out for the same deal too!

  1. If you haven’t spent enough by the end of the year you’ll be reimbursed.  Costco will send you a statement of how much you were refunded.  If it’s <$55 you can be reimbursed.  Just make sure you submit the paperwork.
  2. Going Executive buys you 2 more months for FREE!  12 months + 2 months absolutely free.

And once you’ve joined the Costco family, don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Costco



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