Links for when the lie actually matters…

The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.
~Billy Graham

Although the misnomer we call winter is gone, spring brings not only heat waves but more opportunities to hit the driving range, the golf cart, and eventually the 19th hole…

Here are some bits of advice on the San Antonio golf scene (apologies in advanced non-local golfers…)

My San Antonio – Keyword: GOLF

I plan to post a review about local San Antonio websites, so I don’t want to focus too long on the My San Antonio website…in the search bar, if you type “golf” you’ll be redirected to their Golf section:

Here hosts newsworthy golf headlines, course reviews, and a couple quick glances at San Antonio golf courses (their 2009 edition).

Gimmies in Golf

Golf’s not a cheap sport…and people are willing to pay…

However, if there’s a deal, I’ll find it and now I’m sharing it with you!  Some of the best bargains I’ve gotten (besides tutoring computer science students in exchange for free golf clubs…) were from online offers/mailing lists.

Although I’m sure to have other posts about the benefits of online mailing lists, this next section focuses on local deals to be had.

Course Mailing lists

I recommend going down the list and middle-clicking the “ONLINE” website for the courses you’re interested in or already regularly frequent.  As soon as you go to their homepage look for the invitation to join their mailing list (“Are you interested in hearing from us?”…something along those lines.)  I have subscribed to many golf courses, and many send out regular offers:

Free sleeve of golf balls

Later tee time = drastically discounted price

2 for 1 deals, ladies’ nights

…free beer at the 19th hole

And that’s just a few of the great offers.  Some send almost daily emails…come today and pay only $12 dollars, $9 if you walk the course.  Last year, the Quarry sent out an email for a cart, unlimited range balls, AND all 18 holes for any tee time after 2 for only $22 in the month of July!

*Middle-clicking:  Use your middle finger to click the middle button on your mouse (if it has a wheel).  This will open the link to a new page)

Entertainment 2009

Look for another post on this coupon monster book alone!!  Within these pages, there are great discounts for golf equipment AND green fees:

Discounts on Golf Equipment:

Dick’s, FogDog Sports, & Sports Authority all offer various discounts on total purchases (to include golf equipment) – 15% to 18% off

2-for-1 Deals:

Alamo Golf Course – buy one, get one bucket of balls free

Silverhorn – 2 for 1 breakfast

Blossom – golf fee

Polo Field Golf Center – bucket of balls

Rolling Oaks Golf Center – bucket of balls

Woodlake Golf Club – green fee

*more deals found on or in the book!

Golf Store Mailing Lists

A quick Google search of “golf store San Antonio” returned a list of local golf merchants.  Go to the familiar sites, like Golf Galaxy to sign up for their “Golf Galaxy Advantage Club” as well.  Not only will you immediately receive a discount off your first purchase but you’ll also be alerted when golf pros are stopping by, advanced notification for sales, and insight into “Member Only” events…

Stay tuned for parts two and three in the Geekette Bits Golf Series…next we’ll take a look at courses I’ve hit at and also other ways to play for free and introducing kids to the game…for free!

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