2015 Bexar County Elections

2015 Bexar County Elections

2015 Bexar County Elections

There are currently 959,439 registered voters in Bexar County. Hopefully the past six mayoral elections where less than 15% of registered voters turned out won’t be a precedent for the current election!  May 9, 2015, registered voters will be able to vote at their polling place from 7am to 7pm. Find your polling place and see your sample ballot by entering your address here.

Early voting starts Monday. April, 27, 2015 and ends Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  During early voting you don’t have to vote at your registered polling place — you can vote ANYWHERE in the city!  Most early voting locations will be open 8am through 6pm.  The last early voting days, Saturday, May 2nd through Tuesday are opened 8am-8pm. Full list of early voting locations and hours found here.

Check out this infographic that I made about the current general election for mayoral and city council members as well as the two special elections and four charter amendments.

2015 Bexar County Elections


Leading Mayoral Candidates:

  • Mike Villarreal – read why my trusted political resource, Randy Bear, thinks Mike Villarreal is the best candidate, and I agree, following bullets shared from his original post.
    • Starting this past summer, Mike began a listening tour, meeting as many people, groups, and organizations as possible to truly understand the needs and aspirations of San Antonians
    • Looking at the bills Mike has filed in the 80th, 81st,82nd, and 83rd sessions, you find fair taxation, public and higher education, equality, fiscal soundness in government, public health, legal protection for families, and small business development.
    • Background in economics from Harvard has been called into action many times during his service in the Texas House.
    • Vision for the city that not only included job growth and development, especially for small businesses, backed by legislative action, but one that looks to expand education and workforce development in the new industries our city is expected to expand within.
    • Cybersecurity, health care, and alternative energies are three key areas of the new economy that our city will see future growth within. Not only are these expanding segments, but they are also segments with improved wage capacity.

Additional Mayoral Candidates:

Also on the ballot:

Additional Propositions on the Ballot

Proposition 1:  Renew the highly-successful Edwards Aquifer Protection Program.

  • Vote YES to continue protecting our water supply and ensuring we have adequate water resources to continue growing, creating jobs and improving our quality of life.
  • Authorizes the continued collection of a 1/8 cent sales tax that would allocate approximately $90 million to continue purchasing easements over the aquifer’s recharge zone to protect San Antonio’s chief source of fresh water.

By 2030, San Antonio will have another one million residents living in the city!  We need to ensure that we are protecting our natural water resources AND planning for the future in case we run out!

Proposition 2:  Renew the highly-successful Linear Creekway Parks Program

  • Vote YES to expanding our nationally-recognized linear parks system
  • Authorizes the continued collection of a 1/8 cent sales tax that would allocate approximately $80 million to purchase additional land and continue constructing multi-use trails to expand the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail system
    • Expansions and connectivity toward completion of city-wide circle of trails
    • Additional community access through neighborhood connections to trails
    • To the extent possible and practical, watershed and water quality protection efforts when developing parks improvements

Charter Amendments:

San Antonio’s City Charter was written in 1951 and time has identified modifications that are needed.  This of this document like the Constitution of the United States but for San Antonio, TX.

  1. Amendment 1 – streetcar and rail projects would require a vote by voters in an election.
  2. MOST IMPORTANT:  Amendment 2 – pay currently unpaid City Council members an annual salary ($45,722) and the Mayor a salary of #61,275.
    • Currently paid $20/meeting for 50-60 hours of work, a week!
    • Rivard Report has a great, detailed view of why here
    • San Antonio only major city in Texas without a competitive salary
  3. Amendment 3 – if 120 days are left in term, special alection will allow voters to elect City Council or Mayors.  If less than 120 days are left, City Council appoints an individual to vacant seat.
  4. Amendment 4 – eliminate outdated language in the Charter like references to departments that no longer exist or have been renamed.  More details at sanantonio.gov/Charter.

Past election results used in infrographic found here:

Additional unbiased details can be learned at Alamo City Mom Blogs here for a great article written by my friend Inga of San Antonio Charter Moms who exceeds my passion for learning everything about everything. 🙂

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