2014 Primary Election Runoff

You have now through this Friday, Friday 23, 2014 to take advantage of early voting for the May 27, 2014 primary runoff election! As of Wednesday, May 21, 2014 a whopping 8,500 of the 900,000+ voters have early voted, check out updated count here. Please remember that if you did NOT vote in the March Primary – you can still vote in the Runoff. If you voted in the March 4 Primary – you MUST vote in the same Party.

2014 Primary Election Runoff

Early voting locations and times found here, map here.

2014 Primary Election Runoff

Not only will you be voting for:


  • Lt. Governor
    David Dewhurst
    Dan Patrick
  • Attorney General
    Dan Branch
    Ken Paxton
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
    Tommy Merritt
    Sid Miller
  • Railroad Commissioner
    Wayne Christian
    Ryan Sitton


  • U.S. Senator
    David M. Alameel
    Kesha Rogers
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
    Richard “Kinky” Friedman
    Jim Hogan

You’ll also be voting for district specific candidates. Find out who’s on your Bexar County ballot by your address here.

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  1. It is sad because most people never think to vote unless it is for the president.. They don’t understand the impact of voting for the other offices and how do you relay that to all of the cities and towns out there.. It is sad.

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