Kid-approved* summer activities…

Tweet *Based on the approval of one 6 year old girl…but I think you’ll agree. The only ones who look forward to the summertime are educational professionals…everyone else knows that for 2 and a half months, everything entertaining you can do with your children will be done within the first week.  After that, creative juices […]

One Day, One Deal

Tweet What is woot?  Besides my favorite thing to check at midnight, is a great place to find gifts for everyone.  Like a chipmunk I stock up for the winter (last year got my sister and dad Garmin GPS for $67 bucks…) Normally there is one product listed on the website until they sell […]

Gimmie a N-I-S-D…

Tweet Northside school district (NISD) offers Adult and Community a diverse range of classes including the following categories: Profit & IT – computers, business solutions, minding money The Arts – dance, fine arts, jewelry making, make-it-yourself, music, languages Mind & Body – Body/Mind/Health, defensive driving, leisure, personal growth, study skills, etc. Fun & Play – […]

50 Prints for Free

Tweet If you’re not already signed up for Shutterfly, do so now! Enter the following promo code: PRINTS4FREE and get 50 prints for free (pay for shipping ONLY)…doing it now…will keep you posted! 🙂 *Expires May 20th, 2009… New members get 25 prints free!

Craving Welfare…

Tweet Normally welfare denotes a negative connotation but in this case Welfare Café leaves little to be desired. Receiving glowing accolades from all over the state (including Texas Monthly and the San Antonio Express-News), Welfare Café has established itself as one of the best reasons to head to the Hill Country. Visiting twice on leisurely […]

Geekette’s Top 8 Mailing Lists to Join…

Tweet DISCLAIMER: I strongly recommend separating your mailing list emails or setting up good filters (either through your e-mail or Outlook.)  They all go to my personal email account but filter into various categories, quickly looking at each – kid offers, home and garden, food, travel, etc. Companies LOVE mailing lists and member accounts for […]

8 Bits in a Byte

Tweet This will be the first of many top 8 lists to come…I love top lists because they’re quick…feel free to comment on them and look back for more! The goal of mine will be to present lists that I wasn’t able to find or ones that are especially important to me.  I ‘ll try […]

Mother’s Day Card

Tweet Although I’ll go into a MUCH more insightful review of one of my favorite sites, follow the link to Scrapblog’s Mother Day Card.  This great website offers to send a free card to your mother, the mother of your children, your mother’s mother…just for signing up.  Personalize one of their standard designs (very modern, […]

Man’s Best Friend

Tweet Man’s Best Friend – check this out: M – utts B – eer F – ootball What are the odds?  But I digress. What to do with man’s best friend in San Antonio?  Well, from what I hear from my canine loving co-workers, not much.  I don’t have a dog but enough of my […]

Now this is on par…

Tweet UPDATED: (2/6/2010) Volunteer for May 2010 Valero TX Open, details on Facebook. Will work for golf? Last year, raising $8.5 Million dollars, the Valero Texas Open is the 3rd oldest PGA tours tournament and a San Antonio ritual.  They have an Aquafina Family Fiesta Day where you can bring the kids to pick up […]

It’s in a book, just take a look…

Tweet Remember the days of Reading Rainbow? It’s a book, just take a look… For a while I was going crazy at Half-Priced Books: Joining their mailing list, getting e-mails for printable coupons Using their FREE in-store calendar with monthly coupons (25% off entire purchase…) Becoming their friend on Facebook …but with the recession (and […]

Under Construction…

Tweet Something that I’ve always felt strongly about is not debuting a website until you are ready to take online traffic.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and who wants to come back to a website that is “in-progress”…chances are there is a website out there that already does everything said […]