Zynga Poker Pumpkin Carving

As someone who aspires to be Martha Stewart when it comes to pumpkin crafts, I thought I would try my hand at a poker themed pumpkin!

Make Your Own Poker-themed Pumpkin

First, start with a pumpkin:

And make sure you have the right tools…obviously; this wasn’t the first time I’ve carved pumpkins. In addition to the traditional 5 piece set that includes the scoop and different serrated knives, last year I also splurged and got the linoleum cutters from Michaels (with a 40% off a single item coupon, of course!)


Then we thought about what we wanted to make and got inspiration from the Zynga iPad apps:

And sketched out our ideas. I normally cut the bottom of the pumpkin, instead of the top…this prevents the pumpkin from rotting as quickly and it keeps the top of the pumpkin pretty.

We got all the seeds and goup out:

With just our hands and the scoop that comes in the pack.

Since I didn’t have a pattern and it’s very easy to make a mistake and cut the wrong line, I visulized everything by cutting out my design and taping it to the pumpkin.

Then I traced on what I wanted to make:

After tracing the basical outlines with a market that could easily be wiped off, I drew in the details since I was going to be cutting around the lettering and cards.

Then with my linoleum cutter I started shaving away.

I used a lamp to sign under the pumpkin so I wouldn’t have to play with fire everytime.

Eventually I was done! I used the smaller blade to edge out the details…then I shaved away the excess pumpkin.







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