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Let me say it’s a good thing I don’t get cable and am not tempted to be sucked into “As Seen On TV” commercials!

Even though there are signs all around my neighborhood, No Solicitors, my doorbell almost always rings for no other reason but someone peddling their goods.  Unfortunately I always listen to their spiel and get sucked in.  Normally I can be very good about saying no but in case you meet the same fate as I did against the incredible convincing and persistent Xtreme Kleen sales person (who cleaned the rim on my car, an oil stain in the driveway, a portion of my stove, the grout between some tile , a stain on the carpet, and ink on the wall…), here’s everything you’ll want t know about the product.

Website: http://xccinc.com/

The official website is listed below.  I used that same address to track them down in the Better Business Bureau…to find out just how legit they were.  I breathed a HUGE sign of relief to find out they got a B, even after 14 complaints being filed in the past 36 months…they had all be resolved.  The website also gives you 3 days to return for a full-money back refund if you’re unsatisfied with your miracle product.  You can also buy some for yourself from the website (I definitely did NOT get this product for free or at a discounted rate so I have no emotional connection to it…)

You get a large gallon jug, a brush with iron bristles and a flip side with soft bristles, 2 steel wood type pads, and a spray bottle with lines for easy ratio measurements.  Basically ratios are some part Xtreme Cleen product and other part water…I bought 3 different colored spray bottles from Ikea and put different ratios in each.  That way I only use the measurement bottle for measurements and don’t need to worry about switching out concentration levels each time I move to another area of the house.

The website also lists the ratios in case you lose the brochure or forget what your options are.

If you have questions you can also contact the company.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s what it can’t do:

It is not recommended for use on silk, satin, suede, low grade latex wall paint or any other surface / fabric not designed to get wet.

I have included some pictures below but am so far impressed on the product’s ability to deliver…I was able to clean my oven and stove fairly quickly, get an ink mark off the wall by myself (not surprised when the sales person can do it…), and most impressively so far…the ability to clean OLD stains on my carpet!  I’m curious to find out others’ experiences, let me know and leave me a comment!

Active Ingredient: 2-Butoxyethanol a.k.a. Butyl Cellosolve is referenced in the website’s “Material Data Safety Sheet“:

organic solvent …colorless…main uses include solvent in paint and cleaning supplies…other uses include firefighting foam, oil spill dispersant, whiteboard cleaners, and herbicides…

Apparently it really does do it all!  Although my sales person said it was non-toxic (demonstrated by a quick taste test…) I don’t think I would chug it if I were you…but you don’t have to take my word for it.  🙂

Xtreme Kleen:
Xtreme Kleen: Simple to Klean

Xtreme Kleen:
Before: The Stove (not mine...)
Xtreme Kleen:
After: The Stove (simply sprayed and let soak for 5 minutes...rubbed off w/ abrasive sponge)
Xtreme Kleen:
Before: Not pretty when sauce bubbles over...
Xtreme Kleen:
After: Now it is! (Ratio was 10:1)
Xtreme Kleen:
Before: The Oven (rarely deep-cleaned for past 3 years)
Xtreme Kleen:
After: The Oven (sprayed w/ ratio 10:1, let sit for 15 minutes, warmed oven...)
Xtreme Kleen:
Before: Carpet w/ gum rubbed in, a year later...
Xtreme Kleen:
After: The carpet after letting ration 5:1 soak for 5 minutes and rubbing with a soft-bristle brush.

Xtreme Kleen:
Before: The carpet with a longtime soy sauce stain...
Xtreme Kleen:
During: Letting Xtreme Kleen soak for a couple minutes...
Xtreme Kleen:
After: No more soy sauce! After rubbing vigorously for a couple moments, gone!
Xtreme Kleen:
Before: The carpet with sticky residue from a red candy...
Xtreme Kleen:
During: Letting Xtreme Kleen soak and already red has disappeared.
Xtreme Kleen:
After: The carpet is red free! 😀 Rubbed with brush for good measure...

All in all, I’m happy I didn’t get ripped off and am pretty sure my supply will last me a good amount of time, letting me get my money’s worth. 😀

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44 thoughts on “Xtreme Kleen | Product Review”

  1. I purchased this same product some years ago. It was not all that great in my personal situation. I think that if you used that heavy duty, industrial tooth brush with a good amount of soap and water you could get most any stain out of anything. I am not convinced that the product is that great. Glad you liked it.

    1. There are many things with an f that u probably already use . I am sorry that u believe every thing that u read on the computer. Seeing is believing the product dose work

  2. I bought this at my front door like a stupid gullible girl. I immediately looked it up online and found tons of “rip-off” reports. Disgusted, I figured I’d try it on everything the guy promised (the oven, the carpet, yellow armpit stains, mirrors, etc) right away within the 3 day guarantee. NOTHING worked. At least not better than my regular cleaners which I used as a side-by-side test (Simple Green and Pledge multi-purpose spray which is awesome, by the way). The product is a joke, it’s like soapy water. However, I must say the lady I interacted with over email about my refund was very courteous and I did receive my refund check in the mail, which is now safely back in my bank account. DO NOT BUY!!! The product is a hoax.

    1. this is a hoax reply. It is everything the company says it. Readers, don’t buy into this – Xtreme is fantastic. Even took paint off my bumper after a slight accident.

    2. I purchased this item 10 yrs ago and had some left in the gallon bottle. I used this weekend and it worked great. I may have not diluted as stated on bottle, but I let soak and then used a brush and it
      took off all the wax build up off my kitchen floor.

  3. A salesperson just left my house after demonstrating the product on the cement, porch rail, and window. It was a great cleaner. Years ago I bought a similar product from a door-to-door salesperson. My product did not work as demonstrated unless I used it in a 2-1 ratio. This made it more expensive than anything else. I just checked the Better Business Bureau and the company has a D- rating. Wish I had been more careful years ago.

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  5. such a rip off buy the same pads used in the kits and any cleaneer will do the same. to be honest google the ingredients and find out what you are bringing in your home. not satisfied at all with the cleaner,plus the owner of the company slaves the people who works for him sending them out in any weather at any health theyre in. and owes thousands maybe millions to people who have been and still are working for him. he rips off all everyone from young to old, giving teens 15$- 20$ a day to live off of . hes a cold hearted scam artist and one day it will catch up with him. Mike WRight the owner of the company. He should be prepared for law suites left and right from employees.

    1. I worked for mike. And I left because he wasn’t giveing me the same percent of commission as my coworkers. They owe me thousands finding out that I was making 60% commission rate. Gallons are $87. Productions is $31, but I made only 60 percent of that 31 dollars. Work Monday through Saturday 8-5 usually later. Most of the people there had better sales days than the owner and the guy running things. I wouldn’t take it back though. I made amazing friends and travelled the county at 18 years old. It sucked not having time off to do things though. We spent our Sunday’s off at the laundry mat and the store. The cleaner is pretty good. I couldn’t believe some of the results. Many people said they have tried anything to get a certain stain out and nothing works and xtreem took it right out.

  6. well i can say i didnt buy anything because your sales person was too pushy, hateful didnt get the point when we said no. sprayed my mother with the cemical then took off running when i went outside calling all kinds of names. police were called and we r pressing charges for the damage to my mothers eyes. so they might have a great product idk never tried it but they hire scum to peddle their products. outrageous i have half the mid to sue the company

  7. I bought from door salesman, I LOVE this product!!!! I use on my stainless steel appliances and only have to clean them very other week which is awesome for having 3 childrens hands on them all time!!! Works great in my carpet shampooer…way better than any other that I have used and doesn’t seem to leave residue in my white carpets!!!!! My FAVORITE use has been my grout, cleaned it soooo well I have tried many different products and this stuff has cleaned it back to a nice white with very little effort!!!!!

  8. Paid for product and was told it would be delivered that day, or next day at the latest. Four days have past; no product delivered. I called the Texas office and left a message. No response.

    1. I have to say I bought it over the phone after I run out of it. I even paid two day next day deliver and I never got it. I called to asked what had happened with my order the girl that answered my called said it was on the way nothing. I called again she said the got it back because it got damaged then I called against and now I have been calling over and over and so far no answer.

  9. This is the worst cleaner I have ever
    used………..the sales team was polite but persistent . I finally agreed to a
    small bottle…..I paid forty dollars …it was a total waste of my
    money………..and I can not afford to waste my time or money . … I am Xtremely disappointed

  10. I’ve actually had a positive experience with this.  What convinced me was that the salesman put a small amount on a hubcap on my car. The grease wiped right off.  Since then, I’ve used small amounts (less than they even recommend) mixed with water to clean my “impossible to clean” kitchen floor, and remove stains from clothes, and carpets.  The salesman was actually not bad (not pushy anyway).  Also, I ordered the product and was told he’d deliver it between 5:00 and 6:00 that day (which he did).  I did NOT pay, nor was I asked to, until the product was in my hand.  Anyone who would pay for something like this ahead of time is a fool.

    1. They came by my house Friday morning. It looked good, but the lady would not leave a brochure or business card. I always look stuff up 1st.You also had to pay for the product and they would deliver it later on that afternoon. That was a big warning sign. Of course she didnt tell that till I asked where her car with the product was.

      1. A lot of door to door sales “kids” rip people off that way, the companies hire anyone willing to do it, or people get some and then “pretend to be a seller”

        Never pay for cash either, I have had friends buy magazines from door to door sales with cash, and never got anything ever in the mail….most like the kid ripped up the order form and spent the cash

  11. We bought this stuff!!! I love it!! We cleaned the grout, (something that tilex didn’t do and It was about to kill me) hard water deposits, my brass door knob and concrete. It is so worth it. I was afraid because my husband bought it before I could check the reviews. I got online and I saw a lot of negative posts. Then I said if it doesn’t work we’re gonna call the company and put a stop on the check b/c I refuse to be ripped off. No need for any of that. The cleaner is legit.

  12. Well, I was suckered in, bought it, very disappointed and tried to get my money back.  They either do not answer the phone and you leave a message that is never returned.  When I did speak to a person (Candice Wright), she assured me that a check had been mailed after I satisfied their requirements (copy of check, claim within 3 business days).  They lied.  I reported them to BBB who contacted them and they ignored them also.  This is a rip off and they treat their customers VERY BADLY.


  13. Great review and the pictures say alot. We were interested but declined because of their low BBB rating in our area. James, the sales person was very polite with no hard sales. We are still considering the product. 

  14. i just bought this yesterday from a solicator, he was in no way pushy young guy, im a stay at home army wife, and ive worked for kirby vaccumes before so i know pushy lol, naturaly being a stay at home wife i do all the cleaning and he showed me at least 20 different things to clean, which he didnt have to do, i kept asking him what about this? and what about this? well i was sold, bought one gallon, but i dont understand this whole ratio thing, i dont know how to properly mix it!!! i emailed thru there website this morning and havent heard anything back yet, my only complaint is that they should use a more simple way of mixing the product with water for idiot blondes like me!!!

      1. The ratio is very simple. If it’s 10 to 1 you use 10 parts water to 1 part Xtreme Kleen.. Just use same measurement for both.

  15. Xtreem Kleen is an extreem rip off. They lie to their customers. The solution they demonstrate with is NOT the same solution you receive when you purchase it. They’re con-artists, I can’t believe they’re still in business.

  16. April 24 2012

    As a trusting person I allowed the solicitor in my house.He was very nice young man but was very persistent. When I told him I would buy a gallon of the Xtreme he stated that he would be back and he did in about 10 min. This put up a flag and I should have listen. The product he used to show me is not the same.

    You call the numbers on the bottle and leve messages on both numbers shown with no call back
    I asked if I pay with a check or cash and he said that cash would be better, that should have been another flag I asked for A receit.
    If this product is so good, why do you have to use house to house solicitors.
    which I allowed in my house( how stupid was that.) I was sweet talk into buying the product that I am NOT HAPPY WITH.

  17. I love it. Have had it for 4 years but yesterday was the 1st time I had put it in the floor scrubber. Oh, my carpets look so much better. In my opinion, Extreme Kleen is the very best cleaner there is and its one cleaner for everything. When I run out, I will buy another bottle. Also, with it being a concentrate, it is not expensive. When you can use it in place of all your other products and it still lasts for years, it is a real buy.

  18. I took the bait, walked into the house with my tail between my legs, and have been extremely impressed with the product. I took grease out of a pair of shorts that have already been through the dryer, it has cleaned our carpet, lime scale from the shower (better than any of the other 5-10 products we have tried). I’m happy. I’m sure their markup is around 2000%, but oh well, I’ll just be happy it works.

  19. I bought this product of June 2012. It works great! I was skeptical. The product is ridiculously expensive. But I bought the trial bottle (about the size of a bottle of awesome) and I can say it works! Weve used it on shoes, boat oxidization, glass, grout, laundry stains (even old set in stains). But I still think its overpriced. The reason they “come back later” with the product is because the salesperson is on foot. Door to door with a clipboard and a phone. Takes the orders then his partner / delivery person with the vehicle full of product goes to the address the salesperson specified to drop it off. In my case, the other guy was still in my neighborhood and was able to meet the salesperson here to give me my stuff. Nothing shady went on. I had a nice sales guy, a little confident, definitely wanted to make that sale, but wasnt trying to be rude or intimidating.

  20. Bottom line, It WORKS. For those of you for this did not work somethingust have not been followed in the application. I bought 5 years ago and it lasted me 4.5 years definitely worth the investment. Love how the shower stall is clean with a spray and quick swipe. Try same w just soap and water. I did and it did not work. Look up the ingredients and u will see these chemicals do what they were created for. Just sorry i didnt buy a box! Sales guy wasnt kidding. Now im pff to buying anotherone cause nothing i have used in the past 6 months compares. Sorry naysayers but u r just plain wrong.

  21. I never post on these things, but I always read them & research every product I buy. I just bought this and it is amazing, I had to say something. I had bought another concentrated cleaner about 1 1/2 ago through Sams Club, it was about the same price, and it had worked very well. I figured for everything I used it for it was a decent deal, Carpet Stain removers and bathroom cleaners are very expensive, and that is what I am mostly using it for. So I took the leap on this, even though I was skeptical. The salesman was nice and actually cleaned a permanent black Sharpie marker off a rag in front of me, which was impressive. I had several carpet stains that I could not get out with every other cleaner I have tried, and this stuff cleaned them in minutes. I also used it on my sliding glass doors, expecting them to look streaky, but they look fabulous. So the product DOES work, I am using the ratio of 10:1, and I am letting the carpet stains soak for a few minutes before blotting them with clean white rags. Also, I inspected the jugs and they had sealed lids and I kept my check until they were delivered, which was in just a few minutes after he left my house.

  22. This is the worst product ever. It does not clean at all. I was very disappointed, when the salesman used whatever he had in his demo bottle it worked great, that is why I got it. So I mixed the solutions accordingly, but to my dismay this product did nothing. So if your thinking of getting this product, just flush your money down the toliet.

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  24. Xtremely rude,
    Door to door Xtreme Clean guy showed up today. He started cleaning my grout at the door before I had a chance to say “no”. Spent about a minute or two on a spot on the fence and a spot in the driveway. The product seemed impressive but I wondered how will it would work without the stiff bristled brush and all the elbow grease. When I asked for a business card he said something to the effect “I don’t make money giving out cards” shot some sort of an insult at the spot in my driveway and abruptly turned and walked off. All take, no give, no thanks. Pour on the charm and when they don’t get what they want when the want it they get rude. I would not take a gallon if he had given it away to me.

  25. Just bought the product. I am a skeptic and never buy anything online or at my door. When he was able to clean my disgusting door handle and grout I was sold. I have been trying to clean my grout since we moved into this house. The $1000 I was quoted to clean all of my tile floor grout is way over the top so even if it takes a lot of scrubbing it is worth it.

  26. I ? it. I purchased it from a young man 2 years ago. He did demonstrate, how it would remove ink from clothes and grease from other stuff etc. Yeah, I know it wasn’t cheap but it looked like that miracle in a bottle that I wanted for those EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. I am so glad I did buy it. I think I paid $89.00 for a gallon jug.
    EXPENSIVE, “Yes, and worth every penny, in my book.” It has saved many clothes of mine, it removed a grease stain from a shirt, it removed Soy Sauce and blood stains! When I have these little Emergencies, I use 2 tablespoons of the concentrate directly on the stain. I let it sit all day or over night, then throw it in the washer. It has SAVED several of my shirts, a bathrobe, along with a host of other items. When you pay $45.00 or more for a piece of clothing, it makes it worth the cost. After reading some of the other posts, I going to try it on my TILE FLOORS, I didn’t have tile floors two years ago. I will let you all know my opinion on tile floors next time. ? it !

  27. The sales person just left my house. I was in the drive way when he walked up. He was a smooth talker. Tried to buddy up to me cause he thought I was in the military by my license plate. Got the whole spill from him being in the Army and all. He cleaned my car wheels and trim. Worked great but not for $87.00 a gallon. When I asked for a business card and I would call him later he said he just came into town from Las Vegas and would be leaving in the morning for another city. You had to buy right then. Big red flag went up. When I told him I would order it on line he whined that if I did that he would not get paid. So I am thinking these guys buy it from the company for about $25.00/gal. and then sell it for the $87.00…but not to me.

  28. Not crazy about door to door sales…. did some amazing things. We bought 1 gal.$89.00, seemed steep. Started trying it right away, “before sales guy could leave”…..it really works…I am stunned and happy!!! It should last a very long time!! No nasty smell too! Have the product in hand before you give anyone your $!!

  29. Wow! All I can say is that I cannot believe all of these bad reviews! This company and this product is getting a bad rap. I have never had a problem when I’ve made a phone call or when I’ve ordered the product and always got my delivery promptly. I personally don’t think people have used this product correctly. I have used this to clean almost every day, but most definitely a couple times a week, ever since 2008. A college student sold it to my daughter and I during the summer and she did come door-to-door and literally used it on the grout on my daughters kitchen floor and it cleaned very well. She also cleaned her storm door glass completely. We were sold and have used it ever since!!! I have shared how to use it with several of my friends and we’ve ordered probably at least 15 gallons over all these years! I personally think maybe others are using it with too much of the product and not diluting it correctly. I have used it on furniture and carpet to spot clean almost any and every kind of enzyme spot or stain, food and even red wine. I used it on a chair pillow made of chintz, where my friends dog had accidentally urinated a little, and every bit disappeared and even the smell, and we let it air out a little bit in the sunroom and it’s beautiful. It works so well on everything I’ve used it on, and it amazes everyone!!! The fact that it really works is great, but I love the fact that it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly for humans and dogs and has no toxic fumes. I do have one bottle mixed up, with a little bit of OnGuard essential oil drops in it, for disinfectant use in bathrooms in kitchens! I am sure that there are some fraudulent or misleading door-to-door sales people of this product and/or many products, but I love this product and would hate not having the opportunity to buy it again! TY X-Treme Kleen!

  30. I purchased a gallon in May 2006- it lasted me 10 years before I ran out and it also was the best cleaning product for EVERYTHING I’ve ever used!

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