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Create an unforgettable Halloween for the entire family!  I have scoured the internet to consolidate the best fun activities that not only encourage a good, safe time but help the community, environment, and result in much more than just cavities.

My Halloween Series includes:

  • Halloween WoW – Holiday special, this website of the week is a real treat!
  • Halloween Countdown – What to do while you’re waiting!  Get Halloween to “go green” and find friend and family fun!
  • Trick or Treating – Check out my ideas to breathe new life into an age old tradition!  Great ideas for individuals, families, neighbors, and friends!

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween – it’s a fun holiday regardless of your age.  This year though, instead of waiting for the true meaning of Christmas to roll around, use Halloween as an opportunity to show your kids that they shouldn’t just look forward to the sweet stuff at the end of the month but they can ALSO offer a lot of treats too!

Website of the Week (WoW): UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund)

A global organization that saves kids’ lives in over 150 countries by providing clean water, nutrition, medicines, education and aid in emergencies.  They’re also offering awesome ways to raise awareness and contributions!

UNICEF’s Media Savvy

  • Follow @unicefusa’s tweets on Twitter.  (Not on Twitter yet?  Twitter 101 from basics to advanced users here!)
  • Become a Fan on Facebook!
  • Join their causeBy clicking on the “Join Cause” button, you can track how much money you’re raising, see how others are doing, and join the discussions online!

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Encourage your child to help other kids, all over the world, survive and get the basic essentials they need to live better, fuller lives!  Bring around your orange box to collect money in while trick or treating.  Check out their PDF of FAQ here.

  • Practice What you Preach – Does your child get a little gun shy?  Don’t wait until opening night to find out what lines your kid’s going to deliver?  UNICEF even has an online game to help kids practice what they’re going to say.

***Parents check out these resources to help understand and explain the importance of giving back, now and throughout the year!

Available anytime between now and Halloween.  Don’t feel like waiting? Download the materials to make your own collection canister here.

***P&G will double HGTV TV viewers’s tax-deductible donations made online between October 18th and October 31st!

Halloween Party Toolkit

Includes EVERYTHING you need to throw a fun, successful, and informative fundraising party!

  • Invitations
  • “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” Door Sign
  • Stickers, Window Cling, and Door Hanger
  • Text-or-Treat Mobile Giving Cards – hand out during the party for your guests to contribute at their convience.
  • UNICEF DVD – Download the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF DVD, to show your guests how their contributions will be used.

Whether you’re throwing a party for a lot of people or just your family, take advantage of this awesome offer!

Create Your Own Website

Your child, their school, your organization, or just you can create your very own online fundraising Mecca!  In a few easy steps, save the lives a children across the world by:

  • Creating a monetary goal
  • Personalizing your website – easy to update and use!  (Can even create personalized URLs.)
  • Send out to friends and families…encourage everyone to participate!

UNICEF Download Center

Don’t have enough stuff yet?!  With enough activities to entertain you and your children for hours, take advantage of all the FREE resources available!  Download the fundraising kit, ultimate resource kit, or check out the entire sub-site dedicated for teachers!


TeachUNICEF is a resource for U.S. educators.  TeachUNICEF education materials have been designed to help educators bring a global understanding of the needs of children and families around the world into the classroom.

Delivering the Goods

UNICEF makes it easy to turn in donations by phone, online, mail, or even your local Coinstar center!  Turn in all the coins you collect instantly and send off your receipt.

And you don’t have to have kids for a lot of my suggestions – grab a group of your friends, your co-workers, and celebrate the end of harvest time with the season of sharing!

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