Planting a family tree…

After going through several different websites, I have found the best online resource for keeping track of your family tree.

Geni (Time’s 50 Best websites of 2008) allows users to add relatives in an incredibly user-friendly interface.  Once added, new users can edit details about their section of the tree.  Family members can post pictures, videos, comment on items, and insert contact information.  Birthdays are easily displayed in various forms, calendars, list views.

Detailed profile questions to be filled out by that relative encourage latest news sharing.  Updates can be sent out from site without having to constantly check.  Statistics are also displayed (number of boys/girls, siblings, posts, etc.)

I recommend this site for anyone who would like to keep track of their continuously growing family.  Within minutes I was able to add my sister, parents, their parents, their children, etc…you can also upload pictures for each individual for quick glances.

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