No wheelin’ & dealin’ at Discount Tires!

I have a few mantras in life and they all include saving time and money.  As I’ve gained experience through the years, one of the best ways to do this is not only by taking the time to find coupons and specials…but through preventive measures.

 Let me give you the perfect example.  Tire maintenance.  I can spend outrageous amounts of money buying all 4 tires at once (as I did today) OR I can go to Discount Tire and take advantage of their FREE to EVERYONE air pressure and tire check drive ins

As I sat there for a little under an hour, I saw elderly ladies, tattooed motorcyclists, soccer moms, and a 360, pull up, get out and grab a free water.  Literally by the time they sat down, took a sip, and opened a magazine, their name was being called as I wistfully watched on.  Although not everything can be prevented…a lot can.  Take the time to let them check your tires and air pressure; it makes their job easier when you come in a rush, expecting them to see instant results.

Let me tell you, the Discount Tire I went to, off Bandera and 1604 treated me, potentially the perfect sitting duck, incredibly well.  I came in armed with my tire size and the brand I was looking at (based on online reviews) prepared to face the judgment of my poor tire maintenance.  They didn’t judge, they said not to list to the website, just call – there are often appointments available.  They even drew pictures so I could understand the difference between steel and alloy rims.  They scheduled me for a time and when I came, they drove my car in immediately.

I watched many disgruntled customers come in, disgusted to find their cars ready without being alerts on their cell phone.  I watched and their cars were ready just as they got there.  There are a lot of younger mechanics working as quickly as they can, there was no admin, manning the front.  They all efficiently took turns.   I was just so impressed with this well oiled machine.  They kept their sense of humor and just brought a lot of light to the room. 

Be patient, they are trying and they want to make it as easy as possible for you.

They broke the bad and worse news to me gently – I’d need 4 new wheels and 4 new tires.  (NOTE: wheels <=> rims are used interchangeably.)  They showed me why, they showed me what to pick and why, and they did it without making me feel miserable. 

Find the nearest store to you!  And go in armed with current promotions.  Don’t forget to subscribe to their mailing list with specials.  Become a Fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter, I am!

When I go back in 50 miles (just so they can make sure everything is working out as designed) I will bring not only a smile but cookies and other baked goods.  Also, they’ll sign you up for email reminders, whenever you need to come in for your FREE rotations…

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