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Military jokes in Reader’s Digest are one of the first columns I check in my monthly subscription.  In some shape or form, everyone can find some relation to the military.  Since 1868 to remember those fallen in the Civil War, Memorial Day celebrates those who died serving our nation.

On this day at 3pm we also take a moment of silence to honor the National Moment of Remembrance.  During this time, across the country, participants include MLB games stop and all Amtrak trains blow their whistle.

Official US Government provides information about everything from grilling tips, background information on the holiday to travel information.

Want to help a soldier and their family? Check out a few listed below…there are hundreds of opportunities – I don’t have the bandwidth to find them all…

Besides writing letters, do this for the troops…

  • DOD Community Relationstake 2 seconds to write an encourage note and then read the deeply appreciative letters they wrote in response.
  • Operation Dear Abby – even those without internet access will get print outs of the messages you take the time to write.
  • Soldiers Angels request cards for your deployed soldier and/or their families or join the Cards Plus Team to take the requests that flood the sites for supportive words.
  • Angel Bakers – can you cook brownies in a box? Then you can send homemade treats to a soldier who misses his country and home.
  • Chaplains Support Team – support those chaplains deployed with our troops by sending cards, care packages, and other supplies they need. They bring strength before battle in horrific warzones…they need our support too!
  • Operation Phone Home – for only $13 you can send Global prepaid calling card so a deployed personnel can call home. The cards include personalized recorded messages and help them stay connected to the world they were called to put on pause.
  • Operate SOS: Kidswhile deployed, soldiers come across local children begging for money, food, anything they can sell. Without thinking of their own needs, soldiers request items be sent from the states to them for the children. Donate items or money.

Finally check out my other post about becoming a foster parent for a deployed soldiers’ pet, give them the peace of mind while they protect our country.

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