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Games that Give is a website I recently found through UNICEF USA’s Facebook updates…it takes advantage of the money made from advertising online while people play games online and gives 70% of the revenues back to the 14 organizations it currently supports!

Hover over images to read a quick summary of each organization, click on the image for more information:

The website launched in August 2008 and also has a corresponding Facebook app!  The more you play online (and the better you do), the more you make for the charity of your choice!

All you have to do is sign up for a new user account, select your favorite charity, and start playing one of the currently 12 games available!  I love the interface, simple, sharp, and the game selection is ideal.  You’re going to be playing blackjack, solitaire, and some of the other popular games on your computer anyways – play AND give back to the community!

If you want to know more details check out their blog or their extensive FAQ section.  Learn more details about how they got started, who their most recent corporate sponsors are, and other questions you might have!

Once registered with the site, easily send out notifications to your email contacts, also encouraging them to play!  Right now my chosen charity is UNICEF USA and it tells me how many immunizations my online game time has bought for kids in need!

Finally, another fun feature of the gaming site, there’s even a “Click if the Boss is Coming” button that automatically pops up an image of a word document!  (Love those buttons!)  Play incognito to support the cause!

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