Christmas Countdown Freebies & Deals

With less than 25 days until Christmas, I wanted to post an advent calendar of deals and activities.  I wanted to post ways to save or kill time until the big day comes!  This post will include links to other sites offering daily freebies as the countdown continues, it also has activities for young and old to take advantage of!

In no particular order…Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Mele Kalikimaka, and Joyeux Noel!

ABC’s Family 25

Days of Christmas

Offers special holiday programs from December 1st through December 25th.  Get into the spirit a little more every day.

Check out Disney Dreaming for the corresponding Christmas album and become a fan on Facebook!

Christmas Organization Some people start getting excited for Christmas 100 days out!

Check out 100 Days to Christmas for over 400 printable lists and planning tools, fun ideas, and a new blog post everyday to help inspire, sponsored by

FREE iPhone Apps courtesy of, every day until Christmas on Appvent Calendar 09.

Each game is only free for THAT day but you can already see what you’ve missed!  Check back until Dec 25.  Follow them on Twitter.

Daily deals until Christmas Some of these sites will only last until Christmas, some continue on through the years, all of these sites offer GREAT daily deals:

  • Overstock – 25 days, 25 deals until Christmas

Daily Deal, All Year Round

Christmas Cookies

Going to a Christmas cookie party?  Want to make a new cookie everyday for 25 days? offers 25 Days of Cookies.

If you’re not happy with that list there are websites dedicated to the top 25 Christmas cookies like this one or this one!  Not top 25, Food Network has 12 Days of Cookies.

Wants everyone to spend their Christmas countdown with Feed It Forward. You can give up to 30 of your friends a FREE $10 gift certificate that can be used at any’s restaurant.

Don’t feel like going to the website?  Use the Facebook app to give your friends something every day!


Scrapbook much?  There are a ton of blogs that are offering free and severely discounted deals on scrapbook templates, supplies, printables like ScrapArtist and this FREE download from Weeds and Wildflowers Design.



FREE desktop and iPhone screensavers from Little Dreamer Designs.

Readers Digest

Check out their offers for a free December/January edition in addition to 10 FREE electronic editions.  Come back every day to see what big prize you might have one!

Regardless of big wins, you’ll get FREE holiday Christmas music.  Their holiday section rocks with every article you’d ever want – including 25 things Santa won’t tell you!

Also download free printables, great recipes, and laugh at funny Christmas cartoons!

12Days of Whataburger

Sign up for the 12 Days of Whataburger offers a coupon for 1 FREE item from Whataburger a day until December 24!

I just got my first offer in the mail and it’s pretty tasty!

Wants you to tweet your Sephora Christmas wish every day until December 19th, anything from their store up to $150!

Watch your tweet wish float to the bottom of the screen.  They’re granting wishes and sometimes they do come true!

Macy’s Believe

Christmas website offers Santa stationary, gift giving guides, and an incredible opportunity to easily contribute to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

For every Dear Santa letter dropped off at your local Macy’s mailbox and they’ll donate a dollar, up to 1 million!  Vote for your favorite entry on why people “Believe”!

Check out their app on Facebook!

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