Geekette Bit’s best pick for online grocery lists…

Old Mother Hubbard’s pantry was bare…and so is mine.  Attached by a magnet to my fridge is a pre-written checklists of typical grocery purchases.  I can quickly check the boxes (divided by aisle in the grocery store.)

This let me to google “online grocery lists’ to find out what my other options were.  Out of the 10 websites I investigated/joined…2 stood out in my mind the most.  Both have great qualities…if they had a baby, that website would be the perfect blend of both worlds.

1.  Zip List – pretty encompassing website, pretty interface.  Upon sign-up you start typing the name of each product you need to purchase and suggestions from a pre-filled database will be displayed.  It adds item based either on generic or specific brand names.  If you item is not already included in the list easily add it.  You control what and how many items – you can create shortcut names for items used often.  You can add to the list via text messages, email…and you can also send the list to other shoppers in your circle of friends and family.  Multiple stores can be selected so you can also organize your trip by location (stores included in the list were not only local grocery stores but also gas stations and Home Depot/Lowes.)  Once everything has been selected you can organize the sections by aisle location.  You can also group products by recipe, keeping track of purchases that way as well.

2.  Grocery Wiz – this website has a pretty interface and more importantly, the one feature Zip List does not.  Ability to browse through categories.  If Zip List had this feature I would definitely be psyched!  Another nice feauture this site boasts is alerting users of coupons currently availible for particular products.  When hovering over items with coupons, the coupon value will display and link you to the printable coupon.  Check out their sister site: Camp Wiz.

For those who just want to browse through standard grocery items, check boxes, and print a list of only those selected items this site will get the job done.  Easy interface for someone who just wants to get in and out without forgetting the necessities.

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