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Hand sanitizer. Raise your (potentially germy) hand if everyone at work is out of the office with the flu, a cold, or some other communicable disease? Last year I wrote another blog post comparing the symptoms of the flu, H1N1, and the common cold and being able to tell the difference between the three. While I was writing that post I learned more than I ever expected to about hand sanitizer and have been meaning to blog about it.

This blog post will include everything you ever wanted to know, and probably didn’t know about these alternatives to soap and water.

1. More Alcohol the Better

  • Should contain AT LEAST 60% alcohol (i.e. ethanol, isopropanol)
  • Studies show that are “alcohol free” are much less effective at killing germs

2. Size Matters

  • If you’re not using at least half a teaspoon of sanitizer, you might not be using enough. 3ml recommended (at least half a teaspoon)

3. Watch the Clock

  • 20 to 30 seconds of vigorous rubbing required, rub your hands until they are dry.
  • If your hands are dry before 20 to 30 seconds have elapsed you probably didn’t use enough (see 2)

And remember, NOTHING beats soap and water (with vigorous scrubbing.) Medical professionals recommend using hand sanitizers when you cannot wash with soap and water. Even with more alcohol, it’s still not as effective.

According to Consumer Search the following:

BEST Hand Sanitizer reviewed:

Best Hand Sanitizer - purell“Several store brands contain the same ingredients as Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer, but professional testers and everyday users tend to prefer the way Purell smells and feels on their skin”

Price: $4 for 8 oz

*couldn’t find official Facebook or Twitter account information

BEST Natural Hand Sanitizer reviewed:

Best Natural Hand Sanitizer - eo non-alcoholic, organic, natural“EO gets high marks for ingredient safety, environmental friendliness and social responsibility from watchdog websites.”

Price: $8 for 8 oz



Additional information about hand sanitizers can be found:

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