2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are here!

In celebration, I have posted everything you wanted to know about the 2010 Vancouver Winter games including information from the official website, the Olympic torch, freebies, schedules, athletes, and fan information!  I went through and found all of the links that I’d want to know about (but would NEVER have considered searching for on my own.)

The XXI Olympic Winter Games will be the 21st Winter Olympics, starting February 12th and continuing through the 28th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  This blog post includes information about all of the “official” websites, video games, following the torch, travel information and other details and freebies the 2010 games are offering!

2010 vancouver winter olympics

There is projected to be over 80 nations represented during the 86 winter sports.  Ghana, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Peru, Montenegro, and Serbia will also make their winter Olympic debuts!

Official Website:  Vancouver2010.com

Official Broadcaster:  NBC Olympics

2010 Olympic Torch Relay:

Originating from Greek mythology, the Olympic Flame torch is a cherished symbol of the modern day games starting in the 1928 Summer games in Amsterdam.

The tradition starts several months before opening day, transports the flame from Greece to the center of the stadium and burns brightly throughout the duration of the games.

Starts Oct. 30, 2009
Days in Transit 106 day run
Number of Torchbearers 12,000
Follow Torch on Twitter @FollowTheFlame
Number of Stops over 1000
Length of Journey almost 30,000 miles
2010 Olympic Torch Relay Emblem

Olympic Torch Emblem flame torch relay
Entitled "A Path of Northern Lights"

Official Twitter & Facebook Accounts

Keep track of everything through the Olympics’ official social media channels…

2010 Vancouver Tweets Check out the list I made on Twitter of official Olympic teams, committees, the media, and athletes!  Includes over 130 (and growing!)

Includes @2010tweets, @followtheflame, @code2010, @nbcolympics,

Olympics on Facebook The official Facebook page of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter games!
Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad on Facebook From Jan. 22 to Mar. 21, the best artists from Canada and around world will be playing in Vancouver and Whistler, BC.
dreambig Vancouver 2010 on Facebook Become a fan and show your support for Canada’s athletes! Get the latest updates on how our athletes are doing.

Olympic Sized Souvenirs:

2010 vancouver winter olympics journal

FREE Vancouver 2010 Journal: Worth $17.99, get yours FREE by signing up for your 160-page personalized journal to include photos, prompt Games memories, blank journal pages, and record your thoughts and experiences!

Mobile Freebies & Alerts

Mobile Text OLYMPICS to 51515 for latest news and much more!
Official Mobile Game Be the ultimate winner in this sports challenge with 5 different events, play alone or with friends!
NBC’s iPhone App & Blackberry App Coming soon!  Check back for your FREE download and you’ll be able to check Olympic news, results, videos, and more!
Alerts Sign up for alerts to your phone AND/OR email.
Mobile Video Highlights Watch, get highlights, and other features on your cell phone!

1. Select CV on your Phone’s main menu
2. Select Sports
3. Select NBC Sports
4. Select NBC Olympics

1. Select GET IT NOW from the main menu
2. Select Pictures & Videos
3. Select V CAST Videos
4. Select Sports
5. Select NBC Sports
6. Select NBC Olympics

1. Go to Entertainment
2. Select TV
3. Select Sprint TV
4. Select NBC Sports
5. Select NBC Olympics

Official Video Game of the 2010 Olympics:

Check out information by click on the link above OR pre-order the games on Amazon or at Game Stop!  Even if you’re not a world-class athlete you can train your mind to be… 🙂

Official xbox 360 Video Game of the 2010 Olympics Official ps3 Video Game of the 2010 Olympics
Amazon Game Stop

***Also check out Mario and Sonic on for Wii and Nintendo DS!

Olympic Travel Information:

  • Check out the official 2010 Olympics Spectator Guide which includes link to the different venues, ceremonies, transportation, accommodations, and other essential information.
  • The US Department of State Travel includes information about passport travelling, games fact sheet, country specific information, customs information, and the 2010 US Olympic team.
  • Not going by train or plane?  Check out this website for RV information:  Vancouver 2010 RV Park

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  1. The United States Olympic Committee has authorized two medals to commemorate America’s participation in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games – to be held from February 12-28, 2010. The USOC was appointed in 1978 as the coordinating body for all Olympic-related athletic activity in the United States, and the “Team USA/Vancouver 2010” logo appears in color on each medal and on a hologram on the packaging, as required for every USOC-authorized souvenir. For full details, contact the official distributor, Panda America (www.PandaAmerica.com), the California-based company that previously distributed coins and medals for the Olympics held in Los Angeles in1984 and the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

    The dollar-size (39-mm.) medals are being issued in proof-like brilliant uncirculated silver-plated and gold-plated versions. The official Vancouver 2010 USOC medals are available individually or as a set in a custom presentation box with a special holographic emblem on the outer packaging.

    The golden version features the Statue of Liberty in front of the Canadian Maple leaf, symbolic of the 5,526 mile border between the U.S. and Canada, the world’s longest undefended border.

    The silver-plated medals feature the official logo of Vancouver 2010 and an inukshuk. An inukshuk, which means “likeness of person,” was first formed in the permafrost from rocks by the Inuit People to mark trails, indicate caches of food, and locate nearby settlements as well as good places to hunt or fish.

    Olympic memorabilia are among the most popular collectables throughout the world—and none are more significant, more historic, more beautiful and more affordable than these official medals that help raise funds in support of American athletes. Official issue prices are $19.95 per medal or $35 for the set, plus $5 per order for shipping. Orders can be placed by calling toll-free (800) 472-6327, or at http://www.PandaAmerica.com.

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