20 Reasons My Husband is My Blog’s Biggest Fan

20 Reasons My Husband is My Blog’s Biggest Fan

My blog Geekette Bits is a little over six years old and through it my life has been enrich through incredible people and experiences. I have made incredible friends who have helped me grow my audience by sharing me with theirs, supported through the San Antonio community and beyond. I am able to share my passion of this powerful platform and social media with the company I work for. I get to share my stories and hear yours.

Behind every great blogger though is the blogger’s biggest fan – in this case my husband (then boyfriend), Jonathan. Jonathan encouraged me to start a blog after he noticed everywhere that I went, I would drop little nuggets of “helpful” information on people. He said, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just say ‘check out more information about <<helpful tip>> on my blog’?” After a little research and a lot of growing excitement (and many hours coming up with a name – thanks Taz!), I purchased geekettebits.com and learned how to setup a blog (and subsequently social media accounts on all channels.)

20 Reasons My Husband is My Blog’s Biggest Fan

20 Reasons My Husband is My Blog’s Biggest Fan

I want to say, Jonathan, “Thanks for Being the World’s Best Fan of My Blog!” It isn’t always Top Golf openings next to famous NBA stars with free drinks and fantastic food…so thanks for:

  • Encouraging me to not only start the blog but cheering with me, celebrating growing readership and social communities.
  • Understanding that I might not ever come to bed – and eventually learning how to pry my fingers off the keyboard and making me go to sleep.
  • Carrying the SLR camera bag with three lenses to all the events.
  • Making sure your phones are charged so when mine run out of juice I can quickly switch to yours for continued coverage.
  • Helping our daughter with school work, house work, grocery shopping, and whatever else so that I can attend whatever random event I’m covering next.
  • Listening to story pitches for next blog posts ideas.
  • Letting me go to tweetups with random people I’ve never met before and allowing people to mail all kinds of things to our home.
  • Not only attending events with me but also working the room like a champ on your own as I’m free do whatever I need to – I never had to worry about you being a wallflower impatiently waiting to leave.
  • Learning Twitter and other social media channels so you could always be my first fan/follower (and mastering most of the lingo.)
  • Sharing my posts, pictures, and stories proudly to anyone who will listen – bringing me even more readers who were already emotionally connected to me.
  • Capturing comments and taking photos whenever you went somewhere that you knew I’d want to share with my readers.
  • Trademarking Geekette Bits™ because you didn’t want anyone else to ever try to duplicate part of my identity.
  • Checking out my blog on multiple devices, browsers, and screens whenever I make updates to make sure it looks good.
  • Carefully guiding me through crowds as I tweeted away at events, safely.
  • Helping to research and plan our vacations so we can take advantage of everything and get the best experiences possible.
  • Doing random “to do lists” when I am stressed to meet a deadline of the next best Pinterest DIY activities that are absolutely imperative to do.
  • Trying pork rinds, wearable devices, restaurants, websites, and more so that I can give my readers true reactions and feedback.
  • Always voting for my blog when I’m entering best travel blogger, arts and crafts, etc. contests, daily through the life of the contest, from multiple browsers on multiple devices and desktops (as rules and regulations allow.)
  • Reading my posts and giving me feedback when things work (and when they don’t), catching grammar errors, and formatting issues.
  • Literally being my biggest fan, on and off my blog, every single day.

I imagine I am not the only one with blog who has a silent (semi-silent) fan cheering from behind the curtain? What would you like to thank your blog’s biggest fan for? What’s your story? Help me add to this list and share it so we can thank our blogs’ biggest fans.

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  1. Heather, I have to say I am SOOO thankful you found Jonathan to share your life with. He is your perfect match from everything I read here… Love you!! And congrats on 6 successful years!! I am still excited to find out all the fun things Noah can do (like the Home Depot free project) as he gets older, you have been my inspiration :))

  2. This might be my favorite post ever. You guys really are a killer combo and I am so glad you have someone so supportive because you can take this as far as you want lady. You are hands down the best at finding and sharing info and you’re right he really can work a room! Congrats on 6 years, so glad you started Geekette Bits because without it — we would have never met and there would be no #SATXBloggers. Thanks for being a HUGE part of a legacy still growing. Love you lady

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