Windcrest Christmas Lights San Antonio, TX

Windcrest Christmas Lights | San Antonio, TX

UPDATED:  Link to 2013 Windcrest Christmas Lights homepage

So, I should be ashamed because after living in San Antonio, TX since 2001-ish, I have never been to drive through the Windcrest Light Up (link to official website…) and marvel at the Christmas lights.  This year’s Light Up theme was “A Star-Studded Christmas” and there were tons of “stars”!  One yard boosted everyone from the Beatles to basketball players and everyone in between!  One house had music that you could tune into while you watched the lights flash in time w/ the music.

WARNING:  I went on Christmas night and it was pretty bumper to bumper.  Some people walked through the neighborhood which was fairly good sized.  I know though, the people walking made GREAT time and although they may have been chilly, they would have enjoyed the lights far more quickly than anyone sitting in traffic.  I’m not sure how residents deal w/ the traffic, Fenwick was bumper to bumper for 45 minutes!  Bring snacks, activities, and don’t go before the kids have gone to the restroom.  The lights were incredible and even the side streets w/o winners had many neighbors in the holiday spirit.

Check out the google map below, based on the winners list found on the website, I have plotted where each of the houses is for easy Garmin GPS entry. 🙂

According to their website, the City’s official map of the lighted neighborhood is here.

View 2010 Windcrest Christmas Lights – San Antonio, TX in a larger map

City of Windcrest



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