The Do Seum Construction Celebratory Bash

The Do Seum Construction Celebratory Bash

This Wednesday, I was excited to join The Do Seum as they celebrated the near completion of the exterior construction of the future site of San Antonio’s Children Museum.

We have seen 2800 Broadway transform from a flat patch of land into a dynamic structure with the vision of becoming one of the most state-of-the-art children’s museums in the United States,” says Vanessa Lacoss Hurd, executive director of the San Antonio Children’s Museum. “We want to celebrate not only how far we have come, but where we are headed as an institution and as a city.”


The San Antonio Children’s Museum is currently building a new home at 2800 Broadway Street. This new children’s museum, The Do Seum, will open in June 2015, placing it among the leading museums for children with over 65,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space and 30,000 square feet of outdoor exhibit space, as well as a greater emphasis on interactive science, technology, art and literacy activities.

Exciting New Exhibits

Here’s some of the things I am most excited about when they open next June 2015!

  • Outside exhibits
    • One side will be more tranquil, maybe for those overstimulated or overwhelmed, a running river and quiet area will help kids unwind a little bit
    • Otherwise will let kids get out all their energy before heading inside!
  • Spy Center – older kids can enjoy playing detective and improving their super sleuth skills
  • Piano Stairs
  • STEM focus and engineering stations upstairs
  • Live-streaming with children museum in Mexico!  Although it won’t initially be interactive, kids will be able to see kids in the same time zone in Mexico!
  • Area for new moms and babies to bond, learn together, and get good information from the community
  • Area for younger kids to safely play together

Keep in Touch

Learn about all of The Do Seum’s updates by keeping in touch with them on Social Media:





Spice of Life Catering

Spice of Life, a full-service catering company based in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to catering future SACM events, Spice of Life will be the preferred caterer for rental events, as well as the operator of the museum’s new café, which will debut at The Do Seumin June 2015.  When I stopped by their station that had waffles, gooey cookies, and milk shots they were excited about the opportunity to partner.

Spice of Life was founded in 2004 by owner and Chef Mike Bomberg. The company specializes in preparing and serving creative and cutting-edge cuisine in a variety of settings around south Texas including private homes, offices, and ranches. Bomberg’s menus are driven by fresh ingredients, such as homegrown herbs and imaginative presentations. Examples of Spice of Life menus include breakfast, box lunches, lunch and dinner buffets, multicourse gourmet dinners, specialty suppers, and hors d’oeuvres receptions.

“We are so pleased to share our vision of imaginative and flavorful cuisine with members and visitors of The San Antonio Children’s Museum and The Do Seum,” says Bomberg. “We are currently in the midst of planning a menu for The Do Seum’s new café and are looking forward to unveiling it to the San Antonio community in June 2015.”

“We are proud to have Spice of Life as our culinary partner, especially as the museum nears its evolution to The Do Seum,” says Vanessa Hurd, chief executive officer at The San Antonio Children’s Museum. “Spice of Life’s imaginative and inspired menus are a nice complement to our exhibits, and we look forward to developing a long-term relationship.”




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