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As a part of being the San Antonio zoo’s blog troop I’m excited take advantage of these media previews but everything listed as my own opinion based on my own personal experiences. 

Last night my husband, daughter, and I enjoyed a wonderful evening at the San Antonio Zoo. Starting November 18, 2016 through January 1, 2017 zoo attendees can enjoy a night strolling through the park against a beautiful background of shimmering lights and holiday activities. My daughter and husband rode a camel for the first time ever, we roasted s’mores over a hot fire, and enjoy the specular display of a light show with fun EDM (electronic dance music) in the background. The show goes every 20 minutes or so so don’t worry if you miss it the first time. I think the best place to watch the show phone is in between the Bistro and the carousel because then you’ll get a 360 view of everything. And if you’re like my husband and didn’t eat before going and super hungry the Beastro offers this election of foods children and adults will enjoy. 

As a foodie a tip and trick for making the best s’mores is the not only roast your marsh mellow but to put your cracker and chocolate on the flat part of the prongs and now that it’s about you. Just be careful to not burn your hands the adult should probably do this part.

Since our kids are used to living in Texas without much snow enjoy several locations around the park that simulates know with different types of bubble machines. I will admit as a proud snow bunny that the fluffy bubbles in the dark look pretty realistic. 🙂 

Although it wasn’t running tonight there’s normally a zoo train that you can ride on, a carousel of animals to choose from, and holiday goodies like popcorn and hot chocolate. Did you know that you can even ice skate?! Of course were in Texas and it’s not freezing but there’s a polymer covered skating rink and you can pay a little extra to rent a pair of a skate. 

This starts at 6 PM every night and last until 10P.m. so you’ll notice of this is outside of their usual regular hours. Take into consideration though it is at night and if you’re going expecting to be able to physically see animals you might not. We did see the silhouettes of some bears but we were really there to enjoy the lights. 

Here’s a video that I took and I’ll post another one soon just to give you an idea of the fun that we had. 

I’ve also included some pictures in this post and it was well worth the visit since we also got our holiday pictures and a perfect background. 

That reminds me there’s a huge 3-D snowblower that you and your family can get professional pictures taken in and plenty of selfie stations if you want to handle them on your own. 

For kids that want to see Santa Claus before his big day you can right outside the African section it’s actually inside the building. There’s also a row of games that will probably check out next time.

And if you’re still Pokémon hunting the zoo has a ridiculous number of PokéStops with unique animals everywhere.

And thank you Mason for being the host with the most. 

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