Safe Search Settings for YouTube and Google

As a mom and IT geek, I wanted to write a quick blog post to remind parents (and people who ever let kids play with their mobile devices or computers) to update the safe search settings for YouTube and Google.


go to…if you’re on a mobile device it will redirect you to their mobile site.  If you’re on a computer skip down a couple screenshots to step 3.

1 – Go to

safe search youtube

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Desktop” link:

safe search youtube

3.  Scroll all the way down the desktop view and click on the “Safety” drop down.  You’ll be able to toggle safe search on and off from there.

safe search youtube

If you are logged in, you can have youtube remember your setting on any device you’re signed into (computer or phone.)

safe search youtube

Of course they caveat it with “it’s not 100% safe”…so always monitor your children wisely. 🙂  Detailed instructions from YouTube here.

Google Safe Search

After going to scroll to the bottom of the page:

safe search google

Click “Settings“:

safe search google

Make sure that “Strict” search is selected:

safe search google

and scroll to the bottom of the page and save before exiting the browser.

safe search google

Detailed instructions from Google here.

Check out more information from Google’s Family Safety Center (that I didn’t realize existed before writing this blog post!)  It includes advice from their partners and a lot of other helpful resources:

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