Learn to SwimToday with Dara Torres

Learn to SwimToday with Dara Torres

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I had the incredible opportunity to spend the afternoon at Northside Swim Center, with SwimToday ambassador, Dara Torres, five-time Olympic  swimming champion.

Through SwimToday, teams nationwide are inviting new swimmers and families to experience the sport with incentives such as free swim team trial periods, customized swim caps and promotional materials from kits sent to 1,500 swim teams to use locally. Parents can learn more about participating teams and find those nearest them by searching their zip code at www.SwimToday.org.

43 tips, tricks, cheers, & hacks
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Quick Tour of Swimming with Dara Torres

Reasons to SwimToday

Swim meets can be great family experiences. Each child gets to showcase and celebrate their skills and hard work. If your child can:

  • Has your child completed the highest level of their learn-to-swim program?
  • Is your child at ease and able to swim in deep water for extended periods of time?
  • Can he or she swim at least one length of the pool (25 yards) using side-breathing freestyle and/or backstroke?

Then your child is probably ready to join a competitive swim team!


photo credit: Colleen Pence
photo credit: Colleen Pence

Part of the message Dara is trying to spread is the benefits about swimming with a team. Gear recommendations from a star studded Olympic athlete include:

  1. Girl or boy practice suit – used during workouts and made of strong material for durability
  2. Goggles – protect your babies’ eyes from chlorine and ensure they have a clear view of the pool
  3. Swim Cap – designed to keep the swimmer’s hair out of their face

Learn all about it in SwimToday’s Parent Guide.

photo credit: Colleen Pence
photo credit: Colleen Pence
photo credit: Colleen Pence
photo credit: Colleen Pence

Both Dara and Michael Phelps (interview here) could not believe what an incredibly swimming facility for Northside students (and the neighboring community, learn about the “Open Swim” hours here.) The facility was built using funds from School Bond 2001 and opened to the public in 2006. The facility has a 50 meter by 25 yard competitive pool, and also hosts public programs like fitness swim and swim lessons. There’s also an indoor practice and warm up pool. I was also surprised to see such an amazing facility. Make time to go the next time the swimming nationals are in time, like the Phillips 66 National Championships.

photo credit: Colleen Pence
photo credit: Colleen Pence

SwimToday provided all the bloggers with a great list of reasons kids should learn to swim and be encouraged by their parents:

  • It’s closer than you think – 62 percent of families live within 10 minutes of a pool; 52 percent of households with combined income of $50,000 or less report they have access to a pool nearby
  • Everyone participates – Swimming is inclusive, there are no benchwarmers (nor benches)
  • Swimming is a team sport – Only 16 percent of non-swimming parents view swimming as a team sport but parents of swimmers associate the sport with teamwork more than any other sport
  • Suit up and go – Only a swimsuit, cap and goggles are necessary to get started
  • Life skills – Swimming increases self-confidence, self-esteem, time management, goal-setting and social development
  • Easy to learn – 76 percent of parents said the ease of learning to swim was high
  • Low risk of injuryNo contact makes for a safer environment
  • Swimming = total body fitness – Burn 650 calories in an hour – more than walking, biking or team sports
  • Sport for life – Once you learn to swim, you can enjoy no matter your age
  • Swimming is FUN – Parents confirm that swimming is the #FunnestSport[i]

[i] 2014 State of the Competitive & Fitness Swimming Industry Report by Sports Marketing Surveys

photo credit: Colleen Pence
photo credit: Colleen Pence


Learn more:

SwimToday Facebook and Twitter pages and view original content including videos, blog posts and celebrity Q&A’s on www.usaswimming.org/swimtoday.

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photo credit: Mario Cantu

photo credit: Mario Cantu

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