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Yesterday we celebrated a birthday at Zinc Bistro and Wine Bar! I was very excited to finally get a chance to eat here. I’ve been meaning to go during Restaurant Week (or any other time) because I am Boudro’s Bistro‘s biggest fan and also because of a Yelp event which was catered by Boudro’s in the private Firewheel area! If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for any private event, you would be hard pressed to find one better than those offered at Zinc! Check out their beautifully romantic courtyard area, their wine cellar for parties of 50 and their reception area with both an upstairs overlooking the floor.

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We enjoyed all of our appetizers and lighter entrees! The hummus disappeared especially quickly, and I LOVED that the bread was backed around the dish. A big fan of escargot, the dish was well-prepared, full of garlic buttery goodness. Everyone agreed that they left feeling wonderfully full and satisfied.

We also had some fun drinks from their extensive cocktail and wine menu, some opting for a Chilean Malbec while others enjoyed a “perfect” Bloody Mary (that was served with crisp pickled green beans that everyone enjoyed!)

Although we were celebrating a birthday, we didn’t get a chance to enjoy anything from their dessert menu. I was a little surprised when none was offered but we had such a fabulous meal that it was an ignorable, minor detail.

Don’t forget to become a Facebook fan and follow their tweets! They’re great about updating both sites individually in response to customer comments and to post yummy food pictures and daily specials.

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Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar - ESCARGOT

Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar - 2-ALARM HUMMUSZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - SPICY SPINACH ARTICHOKE AU GRATINZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - BOUDRO’S TABLESIDE GUACAMOLEZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - BOUDRO’S TABLESIDE GUACAMOLEZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - ZINC SALADZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - CHURRASCOS OF GRILLED SHRIMPZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - GULF BLUE CRABCAKESZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - STEAK & FRITESZinc Bistro & Wine Bar - PASTA PORTOFINOZinc Bistro & Wine Bar
Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar

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