Craving Welfare…

Normally welfare denotes a negative connotation but in this case Welfare Café leaves little to be desired.


Receiving glowing accolades from all over the state (including Texas Monthly and the San Antonio Express-News), Welfare Café has established itself as one of the best reasons to head to the Hill Country. Visiting twice on leisurely Sunday afternoons, I instantly am taken back to the 8 years I lived in Bavaria Germany. Just reaching Welfare is a drive (well worth it!!) through farms and the Hill Country…the restaurant was originally the town of Welfare’s General Store in the early 1900s. Although there are several tables surrounded by history inside I recommend eating outside on a mild, spring day. The sun shines through trellis and it’s incredibly serene while you’re sipping one of 10 German beers or munching on homemade breads.

Don’t come if you’re in a hurry although the chef rewards your patient wait with incredible modernized German dishes. To start off ordering the Kartoffelpfannekuchen, a very traditional German potato pancake, with both the sour crème and apple sauce. While my Deutsche roots compelled me to select the apple sauce, my date enjoyed the sour crème as well. (Order your own, you won’t want to share…)

For entrées the gentleman ordered Chicken Fredericksburg served over spätzel…the caramelized peaches and jalapenos danced a spicy-sweet number together we enthusiastically applauded. I ordered a traditional schnitzel, (their menu boasted 7 different varieties!) with red cabbage and pan-fried potatoes. I’ll admit that when I placed the order I was skeptical it would meet my high, lived in “Germany for 8 years” standards but the pork cutlet was thin, tender, and pan fried to crispy perfection.

I can’t wait to go back, let me know what you order! Just make sure they’re open before you go, as of this post they’re open on Thursday s-Saturdays for dinner, Sundays for both lunch and dinner. Enjoy live music on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons!

Recommend reservations: 830.537.3700

Finding Welfare Café in Welfare, TX:

*Near Boerne

For directions check out my Great Bytes Google map. This map will be updated with my favorite places to grab a byte (technically really a bite) to eat. I’ll link from posts about the place to my map and I’ll also link from my map to the detailed post for more information including recommendations on what to eat and when to go.

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