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Something that I’ve always felt strongly about is not debuting a website until you are ready to take online traffic.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and who wants to come back to a website that is “in-progress”…chances are there is a website out there that already does everything said website promises (and it probably does it bigger and better!)

But what do I know?  My website is in progress.  I am waiting for a fix for some login functionality.  My ultimate goal would allow users to post bits and bytes without having to create a new account.  I would like them to use the logins they use for facebook, Gmail, yahoo, etc – offered by OpenID.  I’m also researching Google’s new Friend Connect tool that allows you to use OpenID to login and also shows what you’ve posted on the website in an RSS feed fashion (similar to facebook.)  It’s very clever in theory but it’s in Beta so there are a lot of limitations.

In the meantime, I continue to find great deals and shortcuts bits I want to share with whoever’s listening – the whole point of Geekette Bits and Bytes.  So please keep in mind that more functionality, hopefully intuitive and fast, is coming.  (In the process, if your comments are deleted it was NOTHING personal.)

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