shuck shack san antonio

Shuck Shack San Antonio

Shuck Shack San Antonio

This past Tuesday I was incredibly excited to get to try Shuck Shack, the latest venture in the Dady restaurant family. They had a soft opening on July 3rd and came out guns blazing with the grand opening on the Fourth of July. Since seeing pictures on social media from the Dady family trip to Boston, Bar Harbor, Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec City & Montreal in 2013, I was excited to see how the inspiration translated back in San Antonio, TX! When we visited on Tuesday night, it was a complete family affair. Chefs Jason and Jake were delivering food, having team meetings, cooking in the kitchen, and attending to new restaurant stuff. Jason’s wife, Crystal Dady, celebrated as San Antonio Business Journals 2013 ‘40 Under 40 Winner’ manages all of the Dady restaurants, staying on top of the bookkeeping and everything else was also there helping deliver dishes to tables and warmly talking with guests. All three of them stopped by to not only offer us a fantastic tasting of the Wagyu Beef Tartare playfully topped with an egg and potato chips but just to check on us and how we were enjoying the evening. Chef Jake Dady’s lovely family was also there enjoying their fifth meal there in five days? 🙂 (Just giving you a hard time Shyler <3!)

Where: 520 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

Phone: (210) 236-7422


shuck shack san antonio

As you know I am a proud early adopter of all things culinary and the only negative about attending violin camp in Dallas with my daughter was missing out on the restaurant previews. Luckily my husband and I had a date night scheduled (and after attending the local chapter of Thunderbird School alum group at the Friendly Spot, and a QUICK drink and appetizer at Feast) we got to Shuck Shack around 9pm, just in time to watch most of the Gold Cup soccer game on their big screen TV inside the restaurant.

There entire area is surrounded by a low fence so that you can contain your kids and pets (and over eager friends…) There’s a playground like many other Dady restaurants (remember they get the importance of bringing kids to food finds.) There are seafood alternatives for more landlocked friends including deviled eggs, hushpuppies, Tijuana hot dog, fantastic burger from 44 Farms, and a couple other delighters. Patrons have their choice of New England oysters that can be enjoyed served raw but also served Rockefeller, Texas BBQ, and Casino (have no fear I will update this post with pictures and reviews once I go back for those!) The Mignonette sauce that is served with the raw oysters is so good that even after the oysters are devoured I dip whatever I can to finish it off. Its a refreshing blend of red vinegar (probably) with shallots and pepper. (I’ll see if I can get the recipe.)

Although this place is brand new everything we ate was SPOT ON! You don’t have to wait for this well oiled machine dream team to get it together. They’ve brought chefs, bartenders, and servers from their other establishments like Tre Downtown and Umami, respectfully RIP. Great atmosphere, food, and experience. I’ll be recommending this spot to all my foodie friends.


  • Tuesday – Thursday 5pm to 10pm
  • Friday 5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday 11am to 11pm (thank you for opening at 11am AND not later! Nice to visit after the Farmer’s Market!)
  • Sunday Brunch 11am to 5pm

Pictured below: Limonade, a fantastic vodka cocktail that comes with a limon paleta — so refreshing and good!

shuck shack san antonio shuck shack san antonio shuck shack san antonio shuck shack san antonio

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