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I have been wanting to try Max’s Wine Dive since I first saw the great reviews (and pictures of their fried chicken!!!) pouring in! Thankfully Max’s Wine Dive in the Quarry is opened for lunch on Fridays so my friend and I made our way over. Right on the corner of the new Quarry Village, it was easy to find and park (we went during lunchtime; I could see parking becoming a premium…)


The restaurant’s décor can be described as a marriage between a chic, modern urbanite and a happy go lucky cowboy. There’s a jukebox, 150 different bottles of wine available, and a family-owned business feeling. While I no longer near the Quarry, I would go back just for Max’s Wine Dive.


Although I was emotionally prepared to start with the Salmon Ceviche w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, avocado, citrus vinaigrette, and MAX’s wonton chips, our waiter meekly announced the kitchen just prepared the last dish but recovered nicely w/ a recommendation to try the Pulled Pork Stuffed Peppers. The piquillo peppers were stuffed with the most juicy, tender pulled pork, and set on a healthy dollop of chipotle aioli and topped w/ a cilantro pesto.


I have been dreaming of the fried chicken since I saw a picture a couple months ago. Travel+Leisure named Max’s Wine Dive’s fried chicken on their 2010 America’s Best Fried Chicken and I don’t disagree. The chicken, three large pieces served w/ warm honey (yum!), fabulously seasoned and simmered collard greens, tasty and fluffy mashed potatoes, and two pieces of toast worth being called Texas was phenomenal. It was completely satisfying and will definitely be keeping Auden’s Kitchen (see their fried chicken here) on their toes. And though I was fearful anything soaked in jalapeño buttermilk for 24 to 36 hours would be too spicy for me, I didn’t struggle w/ the faint kick at all.


Below are pictures of our plates. We LOVED everything, and I cannot wait to go back w/ more people so I’m able to try an even larger selection.


My to-do list includes:

  • Nacho Mama’s Oysters (Crispy fried Gulf Coast oysters and garlic aioli on fried wontons with habanero salsa and cilantro)
  • The Fried Egg Sandwich (Pan-fried eggs drizzled with truffle oil, apple wood smoked bacon, Gruyere, green leaf lettuce, tomato, and garlic black truffle aioli sandwiched between two pieces of artisan levain bread and served with MAX?s chips)


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Max's Wine Dive at the Quarry in San Antonio, TX

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