Magnolia Pancake Haus Huebner

Always a crowd favorite, I was very excited to check out Magnolia Pancake Haus a couple months ago (it’s been a busy year!!) with a good girl friend.  We went on a Saturday at 9:30am, anticipating the worst but we were seated by 9:50am which was a small and quick price to pay.  At check in, you were asked if you’d like to get a text on your cell phone once your table was ready.  If you opted in, not only would did you get the text, you were also texted a link that let you check how many people were ahead of you!  It was nice to be able to refresh that page and watch the table count go down quickly.  There was also ice water in a cooler you could help yourself too.

The menus are massive and something for everyone, although keep in mind they only serve breakfast and lunch.  The sausage it homemade, the syrup rich, and the hashbrowns crisp!

Magnolia Pancake Haus Huebner Road

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