Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series

Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series

I am very excited when Luke San Antonio PR contact shared with me that Luke San Antonio and Chef John Russ (@johnny_russ) was about to debut a new series called “Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series” which was born from Chef John Besh’s desire for sharing ideas and food between New Orleans and San Antonio giving opportunities for chefs in both locations to collaborate and highlight their talents in new markets. I remember enjoying Chef Alon Shaya’s shared meal at Luke San Antonio during Chef Besh’s “Cooking from the Heart” book tour last year. He made cookbook recipes including a fantastic ragout of lamb shoulder with cavatelli and soupe de poisons. He stayed after the meal and diners had fantastic conversations with all the chefs. To me, this series is an extension of this meal – being able to be a part of the intimacy that takes place between chefs who are cooking for each other. These chefs love their local farmers and producers and people who enjoy their food and appreciate the home their sharing. Chef Shaya (@AlonShaya) has gone on to start his own restaurant in NOLA, Shaya, which features a modern Israeli menu and you know that Chef John Besh could not be prouder (especially since Chef Shaya still helms Domenica, Pizza Domenica.)

Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series + Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series


The first chef in the Luke San Antonio series is Chef Brian Landry (@chefbrianlandry) of Borgne in NOLA which I had the pleasure of experiencing in person while my husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary! The restaurant name comes from Lake Borgne, near New Orleans where Chef Besh and Chef Landry spent summers fishing together. The menu features coastal Louisiana seafood as 80% of its menu. I didn’t have a chance to meet Chef Landry then so I am looking forward to the opportunity this Thursday, March 12, 2015 @ 7pm for a multicourse meal featuring crawfish and local South Texas Heritage Pork!

Each dinner event will seat approximately 80 guests and not only serve signature dishes from each chef and his/her respective restaurant, but also reflect a particular theme or season like wild game in the fall and festive treats around the holidays.

Brian Landry, a New Orleans native, is a passionate chef, supporter of regional foodways, and dedicated conservationist of Gulf seafood. As the executive chef at Borgne, Landry pays homage to Louisiana’s coastal, indigenous cuisine while using the freshest local ingredients. Landry is constantly seizing the opportunity to get the word out that the Gulf has the best seafood in the world.

Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series

Phto credit: ChefBrian Landry from John Besh Family


Who: Chef Brian Landry, Borgne

When: Thursday, March 12 @ 7 pm

What: Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series

Menu includes:


Crawfish Bisque

stuffed crawfish


Crawfish Agnolotti

mustard greens, black truffle


Crawfish Etouffée Fried Rice


Panéed South Texas Pork

crawfish gravy, stone ground grits


Boil spiced whipped chocolate

stout cake, salted potatoes and crispy chocolate

Tickets are $100 per person and can be purchased online here.

Future chefs from the John Besh Restaurant Family include:

  • Chef Todd Pulsinelli (August)
  • Chef Aarón Sánchez (Johnny Sánchez)
  • Chef Erick Loos (La Provence)
  • Chef Drake Leonards (Lüke New Orleans)
  • Chef Alon Shaya (Domenica, Pizza Domenica, Shaya)

Luke San Antonio Visiting Chefs Series

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