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Celebrating a friends birthday and seeing West Side Story at the Majestic Theater, I finally had the long awaited chance to eat at Le Midi! Since we were seeing a show that started at 8pm we made sure to allow for enough time to eat, downtown restaurants get crowded quickly! We made 6pm reservations and were out of there a little before 730, leaving us plenty of time to walk across the street to the Majestic Theater and get our seats!

While making reservations, I let them know that we were celebrating my friends birthday. They discreetly brought out a lit candle with dessert which I thought was very nice and festive.

I took pictures of our food below, I enjoyed everything a lot! From 5-7pm while shows are playing, they have a 3 course theater menu, that day’s included a choice of a soup or salad, cornish hens or pork scallopine, and a flour less chocolate cake over strawberries for dessert!

I had the escargot and pommes frites for dipping in the fabulous garlic sauce…and my main entrée was the braised lamb shank, Moroccan style. Everything was fabulous, plan a little extra time, our meal did take some time in between course. I enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant and thought the food was traditional and satisfying.

They offered online reservations and several news worthy events!

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Le Midi San Antonio

Le Midi San Antonio

Le Midi San Antonio

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