Founding Farmers Yankee Pot Roast Recipe

Founding Farmers Yankee Pot Roast Recipe

So, my friends and I were headed to a wedding in Leesburg, VA. I had been at the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference in Houston, TX and my friends were flying in from San Antonio, TX. My plan arrived several hours before them and took the subway from Reagan Airport so I could TRY and snag a seat at the foodie recommended Founding Farmers`restaurant:

Located just three blocks west of the White House, the award-winning Founding Farmers is a very cool farmhouse with old wood, comfortable seating and beautiful community farm tables where folks can gather and enjoy a great meal.

Of course, I picked this fabulous restaurant on a Friday night arriving at 8pm. The check in hosts mentioned I could try to get my own seat at the bar but when I asked frankly, what were my odds, they gave me a grim smile.  However I had no where else to go and three hours to kill — the place smelled delicious! I saw two friends who I figured were finishing their meal, since they had ordered dessert and coffee…but it turned out they were foodie friends and still had second rounds of desserts and cappuccino to go, lol. But I stood them patiently and when one friend went to the restroom, I gently, not pushingly asked if they were wrapping up and if they minded if I grabbed the empty bar seat. Glazed eyes from a heavenly food coma nodded yes and I happily sat down. I had order the food to go, just in case I never got a seat, planning to eat it in my rental car when I returned to the airport. They asked if I’d like to get it plated and I was thrilled to say yes. I ate the fried green tomatoes with a fantastic green goddess sauce (and an unexpected goat cheese sauce) and then came the Yankee Pot Roast. The veggies were thick and crisp, and for someone coming from Texas (and 90 degree weather), the warm pot roast warmed my soul.

What is the closest stop from the Metro?

On the Orange/Blue Lines, the closest stops are Foggy Bottom (at 21st & Eye St. NW) or at Farragut West (head toward 18th street). On the Red Line, the closest stop is Farragut North. – See more at:

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Founding Farmers Yankee Pot Roast Recipe

Check out the Founding Farmers’ recipe from their cookbook, The Founding Farmers Cookbook: 100 Recipes for True Food & Drink from the Restaurant Owned by American Family Farmers:

Founding Farmers Yankee Pot Roast Recipe

Founding Farmers Yankee Pot Roast Recipe

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