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Tasty Byte: Broadway 5050

I enjoyed trying Broadway 5050 with my sister for the first time last week.  Although our server was moving in a slow pace, it did not seem to be the theme among the rest of the staff at the Colonnade location.  Giving her a benefit of a doubt, we enjoyed the rest of meal in the diner/sports bar feeling restaurant.  The food was good, large portions, and all for a good price.  Although neither of us had tried it before, we’d probably go back with friends another time.  (I’d like to investigate their dart boards – would also be fun to take in a sporting event!)


Colonnade Location

Address: 9837 IH-10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78230 { Map }

Phone: 210.691.5050

Alamo Heights

Address: 5050 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209 { Map }

Phone: 210.826.0069

Tasty Bytes

  • Although the service was slow as molasses (only our server, others seemed very unsloth-like) the food and portions were large and tasty
  • Shoestring fries were crispy and tasty
  • Garlic mashed potatoes were delicious, packed a solid seasoned punch!
  • Chicken fried chicken was LARGE and in charge
  • Green beans were crisp and tasty
  • Chili burger, although unexpectedly rectangular was topped with fresh tasting chili

Email List: here

*Did not find them on Twitter or Facebook at the time of this post…

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  1. Alamo Heights location much too smoke filled. Could not breathe at dinner a couple of months ago. Doubt if we’ll go back. Is the Colonade location smoke free?

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