Bohanan’s Summer Cocktails

San Antonio is in the middle of another ridiculously hot Texas summer! Thankfully, Bohanan’s bartender Jake Corney is reinventing the tropical cocktail tiki menu and serving up some refreshing drinks!

Working at Bohanan’s for 6 years doing everything Corney jumped at the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of bartending from the guy who revolutionized neo-speakeasy cocktail bars – Sasha Petraske. Over the two years Corney has been a bartender at Bohanan’s, Petraske has flown in for bartending lessons and the bartending staff has flown out to NYC to visit his own bars and attend classes and cocktail conferences. Corney when asked about the 1st Annual San Antonio Cocktail Conference, Corney also humbly mentioned placing 2nd for a cocktail he decided to enter in the 11th hour.

At the most recent conference attended, Corney took a class on Tiki-related cocktails which he turned around and applied at the downtown steakhouse. At Bohanan’s they listen to the flavors of the season. With fruit juices and sweeteners being made in-house and daily, the harvesting seasons change the tastes and the cocktails are tweaked accordingly. Bohanan’s bar also locally sources drink ingredients and liquors, whenever possible searching for Texas made options.

Keeping in time with classy cocktail bars is the abundance of good, live jazz. Found Tuesdays through Thursday, Jim Cullum can be founding making beautiful music at the downstairs bar. Says the New York Times, “Jim Cullum’s band is presenting traditional jazz with a vividness and originality that are rare in today’s jazz world.”

So go, boy, go to Bohanan’s and enjoy some tasty cocktails and sweet jazz. (Don’t forget about FREE downtown garage parking on Tuesdays, details here.) If it’s not Tuesday, you can valet for $10 right outside the restaurant.

Remember, in order to get the BEST experience at Bohanan’s, leave your inhibitions at the door and place yourself in the knowledgeable hands of the expertly trained bartenders. Instead of ordering another sapphire gin and tonic, ask them for their recommendation. They have a lot of regulars for a reason…these are the people you want to be friends with.

Inspired by Polynesian mythology and artifacts, the American Tiki bar dates back to the 1930s when Ernest Gantt (also known as Donn the Beachcomber) created the first Tiki bar in California. Known as the “founding father of Tiki restaurants and bars,” Beach’s restaurant featured authentic Tiki and tropical island artifacts, making it a popular hotspot.

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Bohanan's Summer Cocktails
Mai Tai
1oz Lime
1/2oz Orgeat
1/2oz Orange Curacao
1oz Aged Rum
1oz White Rum
1 dash angostura
1 dash peychauds
Bohanan's Bar San Antonio
Joe’s Volcano
3/4oz Lemon
3/4oz Orgeat
2oz Goslings Rum
1 Slice Orange
1 Egg white
Bohanan's Bar San Antonio
Fu Manchu
1oz Lime
3/8oz Simple Syrup
3/8oz Creme De Menthe
3/8oz Orange Curacao
1/4oz Triple Sec
2oz White Rum


Bohanan's Bar San Antonio
Gee Punch
1oz Orange
1oz Grapefruit
1/2oz Lime
1/2oz Falernum
1oz Dark Aged Rum
1oz White Rum
1 dash angostura
1 dash peychaud
Bohanan's Bar San Antonio
La Florida
1 1/2oz Lime
3/4oz Italian Vermouth
3/8oz White creme de Cacao
3/8oz Orange Curacao
3/8oz Grenadine
1 1/2oz White Rum

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