Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe

Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe

Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe

This morning I was excited to see that in addition to Fruitful Hill Farms‘ normally offering they also cobs of dried popcorn for $1.50. (Organic popcorn!)

One husk left me with a hearty 1/3 cup of kernels. I broke these off the husk by hand, starting at one end and popping them off to the other into a bowl. I wanted to rinse off the dirt and little kernel hairs so I swirled them around in the same bowl with some water until the sediment settled. (Similar how you’d clean rice…)

I made sure to dry the kernels before putting them in hot oil…in a handful of paper towels. I added 3 tablespoons of Canola oil to my 3 quart dutch oven on medium high.

Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe

You can see that I left three kernels in the pot as the oil became hot enough. I used Canola oil because of the high smoke point (Canola oil can withstand high temps before burning.) Once the three kernels popped (and they popped right out of the pan!) I added the remaining kernels in a single layer in the pop. I took the pot off the heat while I added them and swirled the pot around. I also added some kosher salt at this time so the salt would more evenly be distributed on the popcorn.

Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe

I had read several different variations of the recipe online so I experimented a little. Some left the pot covered and some said to leave a crack with the lid slightly ajar so that the popcorn would be dry and fresh. I left the pop completely covered, bringing the temperature down to medium heat. After a minute or two the pop started popping excitedly so I left the lid ajar for the remainder of the cooking, only a couple more minutes after that. Just like microwave popcorn I took the pop off heat once the popping subsided.

I shook the pop a little while it was cooking to move the kernels around. I would say there was about ten kernels that didn’t pop so I might have only slightly took the pop off heat at the end.

Best Stove Top Popcorn Recipe

I made several different bowls for my family. For Jaden I sprinkled truffle salt and garlic. For Jonathan I sprinkled a sweet, smoked Paprika and cayenne pepper. For myself, I enjoyed a bowl of garlic, truffle salt, and cracked pepper popcorn.

The popcorn was fresh and delicious! Recommend this recipe to anyone with some dried kernels! (Get them fresh from your local farmers market!)

Quick Video Tutorial

What are your favorite seasonings to add?

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